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For this read, we accept the following as true: People in positions of high power, employ look-alike actors, to stand in for them at boring or dangerous appointments. Many an assassination has failed, and said politician “miraculously survived”, because someone shot the stand-in. If you ever make me president, I will find three such fakes before sundown. Besides, do you really think the president has time to attend school prize-givings and Sunday prayer in Hicksville? Rare is the Ruler who trusts his Own People enough to walk unguarded, or even just amongst them. Enter Joe Biden the truck driver...

Many jokes are made about the mental state of America’s 46th president, Joe Biden. The stumbling speeches, the stumbling gait, the stumbling government policy... Joe Biden is a joke the world over. As I am living with a septuagenarian suffering the results of a lifetime of prescription pain tablets and bug spray, I shall not deride the poor man’s degeneration and waste. What I shall comment on, is best encapsulated by lines from an old Pink Floyd song:

“The memories of an old man/
Are the deeds of a man in his prime/”

When Dementia Joe tells you he used to drive trucks, you are looking at the double that used to drive trucks. Or maybe the guy is kinda stuck on the fun ride he once had as a young boy, who knows? But there are other doubles; one was arrested for marching in a civil rights demonstration, one remembers his mother being murdered when he was a kid, one was a soldier or some type of cop, another was a junior diplomat during the Zionist’s initial occupation of Palestine in the forties.

It is childish spite that motivates ‘jounalists’ to make fun of Biden when he mutters about the time he “drove a big rig”. There are a variety of Joes out there, and each used to have his own life. In their old age, they may get confused a bit as to whose memories they are supposed to remember today... But they all urgently need you to get vaxxed before Putin hacks the power grid with his hypersonic Novichoks.

The poor man is not demented, so much as poorly stage managed. Some of those guys can actually hold a coherent conversation, unfortunately, it seems the most fluent one is also the one that loves to fondle little kids... Most of those Bidens, however, seem to be mentally degenerating at more or less similar speed, suggesting medical intervention of the less sympathetic kind, or co-ordinated rehearsals. The one that called Peter Doocy a stupid son of a bitch? That was the compos mentis one that can actually be witty and sharp. The one that has a quick answer for a stupid, baiting question like: “Do you think inflation is an asset to your administration?” It's like shoving a microphone at a woman, asking: "So, Mrs. Smith, what did it feel like when you saw your son disappearing under the steam roller?" There are no pills for that kind of stupid.

Not that it matters, after all, most presidents have been mere actors, bit players, powerless figureheads, morally perverted sock puppets to the Banksters ever since Ronald Reagan first was employed for the role. It is said Carter was actually quite stupid and cerebrally slightly damaged, a mere mouthpiece for the grownups around him, and the success of that charade motivated the Fed to just hire professional actors from then on. Like Reagan, Obama, Trump... Professional actors and career smilers.

With Slippery Joe, they hit the jackpot:
a) Lifetime of acting like a statesman,
b) corrupt, shameful, blackmail-prone past and
c) mentally incapable of imposing his own will.

While this theory is slightly tongue-in-cheek, with very little evidence and no proof, I like it, because it negates the need for the only other theory that ever addresses this weird discrepancies in the behaviour of those we dare not question, namely that Camp David has a special medical facility, where they breed and programme clones for those who can afford it.

Hillary Clinton is often put forward as an example of the genetic faults, physical aberrations and mental confusion suffered by such clones. Her legendary bloodthirstiness, of course, “proves that clones have no souls”. Her ability to appear in two places at once, however, seems a bit suspicious. I shall refrain from that conversation until such time as I’ve had confirmation that the Clintons are, in fact, human.