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There is not one person with some level of public authority that is not busy promulgating some new law, regulation, statute or arbitrary rule for us to follow. For the past twenty years, much has been done to destroy human freedom, expression, individuality and independent thought; always under the guise of “the law catching up to technology.” If your favourite political persona is to be believed, this new computer thing, what with the inter-web and Twitbook and Instaface and whatever, is so far advanced technologically, that there exist no law to regulate our electronic communications, assets or actions. This is utter bull dust, and once again our (purposefully trained) ignorance is being used to enslave us by making more and more laws for the rich to enforce and the poor to die by. The actual solutions to our online problems actually do exist, have existed for thousands of years, we need no new laws…

Okay, accusing us all of collective and entrained ignorance is a bit harsh, but who has the time to keep up with all these things? I mean, there is some new law or regulation every day, and besides, I am no lawyer, or computer engineer, or even a Twitface moderator. How on earth must Joe Soap, Pete Public, the famed ‘Man in the Street’ keep up with the law, when we have entire parliaments full of people who think their job is to create new laws for a living?

Actually, most of the relevant legislation was taught to you on the playground. If you insult me, I do not need some special law regarding the movement of air molecules in the space between my ears; if I have the means, I shove your words down your throat, or else I suck it up and avoid playing with you. Or, or, you can be the new breed of gormless, GMO-stuffed, afraid-of-their-own-totty Millennial, and run home to mommy to demand a “safe space” and a “cry room”. Where you will sit and pour your bleeding heart out to a palm-sized glass priest, begging to be Liked.

Social platforms make their money by selling your information to companies that use that information to market their services to you. This exploitation of your personal data takes many forms; from showing you specific advertisements on your favourite web page, to SMS’s on your personal line, to robots phoning you to sell you insurance or handbags. It is also used by “security agencies” to track you and yours. This is all unsolicited attention, which, in every lawful society, is punishable to some degree. The excuse for not prosecuting Zuckerberg, is because the law does not explicitly state anything about the exact model of processor in your computing device, the actual sinner here, which is why we must “urgently update the law”. Or some bull like that.

Opening and reading of other people’s mail has been illegal since the first warlord got angry and asked someone more trustworthy to carry his messages, sealed with a complex picture imprinted on a wax seal. Mr. Twitstagram actually has you agree to an onerous legal agreement before he allows you to use his platform. By agreeing to his terms and conditions, you sign over ownership of every word you utter in His presence. Ask Alexa why she listens to your kids at play, then ask the great Lord Algorithm why he employs people to listen to those recordings, for “categorisation purposes”. Let us not forget the people who have been arrested and abused because they took pictures of their own children at the swimming pool. Let us not forget the many, many videos on Twitbook of girls being gang-raped, while one word of criticism against vaccines can get your account erased. When Zooperbug is asked about it, he laments the slow development of Artificial Intelligence. According to Markey, the only thing standing between him and total control of your public opinions, is the sad lack of enough artificial intelligence.

In reality, of course, he employs live meatbags to watch every single video you post, to “categorise” them, and beware anyone expressing opinion against the Satanist/ Paedophile/ Bankster Network. Hosting child rape is an innocent oversight, question Zionistan or its Undeclared Soviet in America, and you are blocked, banned, prosecuted even. Now people are calling for some legislative solution to this ‘imbalance’ and like every other legislative solution ever presented, it will outlaw humans and protect the trade for the inhumane entities that actually own the whole internet. Which means they own its holding ‘company’, the American Army, which developed, paid for and initiated the internet, then made it publically available, specifically for the use of the banksters, their employer. We are allowed to use their wires a little bit now and then. Consider that for a moment.

So, to sum up, your favourite social media platform is a military weapon owned by the banksters. Once they have your consent, they own every bit and byte you transport over their platform. This includes your banking details, commercial activities and physical location at any particular moment in time, past or present, and soon they will have total control over your future options regarding where you may or may not be, when, and for what purpose.

How many of us rely completely on our search results and GPS to get us where we feel we need to be, for whatever reason? “Siri, take me to the nearest coffee bar known to be frequented by people like me” and within minutes you can be drinking a variety of Yankee beverages amongst people who shop where you shop, they discuss the opinions of those whose opinions you follow, and you can celebrate with them all the things you-all pressed the ‘Like’ button for.

“Alexa, take me to a place where I can meet patriots” and a little red mark will appear next to your name on the Security Department’s database of ‘persons of interest’. You will be directed to a place packed with liberals just waiting to de-radicalise your right-wing supremacist ass. Or to a secretive bunch of far-right extremists gathering in a dark little bar, discussing attacks on the Enemy, brandishing  the dud explosives their leader gets from his boss at the anti-terrorism ministry. The Feds tend to use cerebrally deficient patsies by default, so conversation in the patriots’ bar may be less stimulating than you expect from politically thoughtful citizens of the nationalist persuasion. You are not there to be entertained, you are there to be implicated, shut up and learn the secret handshake.

So, how can we reclaim our personal data from those social media Satanists? We can make a million new laws, or just apply the ones we have, but without favour to those respectable corporate personas at the cost of individual dignity. When a contract is broken, it is terminated. Any damage claims and whatnot can be dealt with in or out of court, but the contract has been broken, abandoned, annulled. When Facetwat terminates my account or bans me, then why do they get to continue selling my soul, flogging my personal data to anyone with ready money? Should the retraction of my personal opinion from their platform not be accompanied by a retraction of my personal data from their income stream?

There is no way we can rescue our data from the Instahoo servers, not even a court order will help, because that data has been replicated, backed up, sold, rented and leased to a multitude of operators. What is out there, will stay out there forever, no use complaining, you agreed to their terms and conditions. So how do we clean up our digital DNA from the crime scene that is the social media industry? By unsubscribing, deleting and disabling those platforms, and not re-subscribe. Or, if you are addicted, use it for the purpose it was meant; innocent chitter-chatter with your canaunies.

 Never divulge personal information, numbers, codes or even your face. But anonymity is not allowed, nor desirable. What we need is not a systemic subversion of regulations to avoid victimisation by corporations, what we need is the protection promised by law against attacks on our person. Any entity, corporate or not, claiming ownership of my ethereal possessions cannot NOT be criminal. Fistagram cannot continue profiting off me after our contract has been annulled, just like I cannot retrieve my message from them anymore, not so? So how can this conundrum be solved amicably, or as the wonkers say: “win-win”? Easy:

When I sign up with that wonderful new social platform my government supplies for free, I also share my data with that platform. The platform can categorise, label, sort and archive that information in a multitude of ways, as per our agreement. That data, however, is not for sale, rent or dissemination in any form. “But, but, how do we commercialise that data then?” whimpers the capitalist wonker. But fear not, dear marketer, you can still reach your client. The only difference is, instead of receiving access to my information, you receive a catalogue of categories and profiles, and you pay the platform for spreading your ads on those screens operated by the target demographic. It is possible to request from the platform any specified market demographic, and they will create the filter to target said demographic. This way, the marketer still reaches his market, but without ever taking possession of my electronic soul. The day I unsubscribe from the Platform, there is only one file to be erased, and I am free from being harassed by robots phoning me with special offers on airtime contracts or loans. When the contract ends, everyone stops gaining off the others’ assets.

I bet you this plan will not even be thought of in public, because the existing parasitic networks will be protected tooth and nail, out of reach of public censure, because they are militarised weapons owned by the international banksters, used to fumigate earth. Soon, the fumes of fake news, manufactured consent and white neo-Nazi supremacist Jihad will overcome everyone still opposed to being stripped bare of possessions and dignity by the globalists. All in the name of World Peace, of course. In the Hive. Where no-one will ever thing wrong again. Because the Algorithm will know. Law and Technology in perfect harmony.