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Is there a name on God’s earth, better-known, more feared, more invoked, than that of Adolph Hitler?

If it was not for the constant panegyrist laments of the Zionist Press, who would still remember Hitler? Just another leader of yet another European nation that led yet another war… But that’s not the real story, is it? The real story of Hitler reads like a B-grade fantasy-horror movie. One of those where the half-naked girl flees into the haunted house. Or the one where you are deathly afraid to wake up, because in real life we are pursued by the crazed spectre of Nazism wearing a honkey mask. So we all huddle together (but not so close we catch your virus) in the theatre of manufactured consent, awaiting the multicultural, genderless and totally inclusive hero-person to come save us from neo-Nazi fascism. And climate change, of course. Pure Hollywood, every word of it! That’s how we know it’s True Gospel.

Before the eyes of mankind, out of the ashes of Nooitgedacht, Dresden, Hiroshima and Palestine, arose the magical, phoenix-like, never-quite-witnessed-it-meself-yeronnor,  construct of six million undug graves, on which rests the entire public façade of the Suffering Jew, and his arch enemy, the National Socialist. Out of nothing, a real teachable thing was created, a ‘fact” that everybody knows: six million Jews burnt to ashes as a holy sacrifice, and the name of the G-D you utter when you think of them? Adolph Hitler of The Nazis.

Hitler as Zion’s god of the Holy Scripture

In this new century, They finally have to allow the last Auschwitz ghosts to rest, but who will tell “The Story”, over and over, so the Goy children will think it’s true? Up jumps a whole generation of youngsters, who learned the Holy Lore at grampappy’s knees, preferably from under grandma’s tattered old apron, the only possession she could save from Dachau... As fast as they are becoming famous, they are outed as liars, frauds, fabricators of propaganda. Just like the good old days. Lest We Forget, they say. And so the Jewish collective continue muttering their prayers of bloodshed and poisoned gas and fly-ridden baby corpses. It would be sad, if it was not so farcical, and if the sadness was not overshadowed by their irritating insistence that we all mumble the same prayer after them.

The European Union recently declared nearly all forms of censure against Israel, by equating it with holocaust denial and anti-Semitism, punishable crimes. In America, many states legislated even the mention of a boycott against Israel as Crimethink, otherwise known as anti-Semitism. Either you believe firmly and wholly in the Gospel of the Sixmillions, or you are a neo-Nazi fascist that needs de-radicalisation. Now, 2020, it seems 22 countries have outlawed denying or even just “trivialising” the gospel of the holocaust.

Thou shall not blaspheme against the Holy Writ, though shall never question the might of the Great Destroyer, the Lord of the Ovens, our High Priest of the unholy sacrifice. Thou shall never trivialise the magnitude the destructive might of our Herr Lord Adolph Hitler. Heil!

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Fulfilled Prophecy

 It’s not like Hitler woke up one day and started shipping Juden off to be gassed, oh no, the Jewish high priests of the Press had to chant incantations for many, many years, before that beast awoke. As a matter of fact, the Jewish Press was celebrating their Holocaust, complete with six million dead Jews, since at least 1869, if you have to believe that august publication, the New York Times.  Since at least 1869, six million were “in danger of extermination”.  There were 6 million in danger in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Slovenia, ‘Europe’… nary a month went by without some group somewhere collecting money for the “six million Jews in imminent danger of…”. One bloke even got it mixed up, says “all Jews in eastern Europe at risk” and asked for…six million dollars in donations!

All that was before World War ONE. Then came The Hitler. The gospel tells us six million Jewish people breathed Herr Lord Hitler’s poisonous farts, a traumatic experience immortalised by the Parable of the Gas Chambers. The newspaper reports of the day, show the famous disregard of prophets in their own land, as the main concern of the Jewish press was not their holiness Hitler himself, but rather their duty to “rid from human memory the scourge of national socialism”. All religions start by usurping some other ideology. The Nazi party came to power by fighting off the Bolsheviks, but in the end, there were many, many more Bolsheviks, who wrote the predetermined History, all hail!

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Judgement

One of the most popular ‘holocaust survivor  testimonies’ is the one about the strict selection procedure before you entered the gas chambers. According to holocaust legend, only healthy, blonde, blue-eyed boys of good size and stature made it through alive, the rest all got sent off to be exterminated. As you disembarked from the train, they first ripped off your clothes, stole your shoes and hair and gold tooth, threw your babies on a heap to rot, then they sent you off to the gas chambers for the killing and the burning and the rendering of human fat while you make lampshades of your own skin… But first, the good stock was separated for the building of the Aryan race.

Let us repeat that story:

Adolph Hitler hated the Jews, so he stole all their property and sent them off to Auschwitz, where he gassed everyone to death, except the Aryan über-children.

Shall we try that again?

Adolph Hitler, who had not one blonde hair on his head, obsessed about blonde, blue-eyed Aryan supremacy, so, to create this dream race, he chose people from amongst the Jewish, whom he hated so much that he was exterminating  them in poisoned gas ovens.

Let us try again:

Adolph Hitler, crazed racist, built himself a battalion of crack Stormtroopers (SS), led by his most loyal officers (many of obvious and well-documented Jewish descent), then used them to catch all the dirty Jews so he can choose their prettiest blue-eyed blonde boys to start a superior race. Without women, apparently.

All my youth, I spent feeling sorry for that kid who put stones in his shoes every morning, so he’ll be tall enough to enter the eating hall. He was one of the most famous Auschwitz survivors ever. On his death certificate it says he was born in 1945…

Hitler as Zion’s god of  the Blood Sacrifice

The term holocaust is from the Greek holos + kaustos (entire/whole + burning). This particularly refers to that portion of the sacrifice that is burnt  away, as a public service. The sacrificial animal had three parts: The main portion for the person bringing the animal to the priests for hygienic slaughter, and a part thereof as fee, to the temple, “God’s portion”. Then there are parts of an animal better destroyed before it causes a health hazard to the neighbours, and this was “burnt before the sight of God on His altar”. In a hot climate without refrigeration, this is of utmost community health importance!

George Soros, arch-Bolshevik, financier of numerous “colour revolutions” in the last few decades, was one of the many Jewish industrialists who used slave labour from the Nazi camps. He actually smiles when he tells us: “It was all for The Cause”. Is that why they call that mess their Holocaust? Did they knowingly, willingly, gladly even, sacrifice thousands (not millions) of their own people? Sacrificed. Burnt on an altar to appease or petition a god. Before the sight of their god, did they ritually /symbolically burn to ashes the unusable, worthless portion of their own race? After Zion and God had their share of the good sort of people, the rubbish got burned, they got holocausted?

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Redemption

For many, many centuries the Jew spent his life as a guest in other cultures. Some assimilated better than others, but he hardly ever mixed his blood with that of the gentile, at least not formally. In general, he is never truly part of his host culture, a kind of self-imposed exile-in-situ. Around the mid-eighteen hundreds, it became self-evident to every Jewish-owned newspaper that the only thing standing between the Jew and total extinction, is the Holy Land, and divine Jewish apportionment of that Holy Land. They started learning to speak Hebrew…

Today, the Jew occupies Palestine and calls it Israel, but he does not live there. He has a house there, sure, a business even, where the imported settlers are employed and housed, so the foreigners who have been squatting on Holy Land for two thousand years have no place to live. Today, the Jew is free, he lives in any country where he likes, without mixing himself with Goyim, and the bad smell of Law Enforcement follows him as he goes. If it was not for the divine cleansing ovens, the Jew would still be stuck in Europe, separated from his host countrymen, with nothing but a financial system that pays for Law Enforcement as dished up by an Independent Judiciary. And six million of their tribesmen who are in urgent need to be holocausted.

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Restitution

The number of Jewish claims for compensation after the war, outnumber the registered Jewish population before the war. “Hundreds of thousands of masterpiece artworks” were collected in underground bomb-proof shelters, “each item carefully and individually catalogued” we are told. After the war, every single piece was declared “looted from the Jews” and there are teams of people today still, making a living by finding Jewish owners for artworks specifically inventoried as from other sources. “Tons of Nazi gold” is kept in Swiss vaults, “while we look for the rightful owners”.

After the kangaroo court at Nuremberg, where the existence of the Holy Ovens were established, and the soap made of Jewish foreskins displayed before the world,  Germany was put under punitive fines, tribute to Israel. By 1998, Germany has paid over 60 billion dollar in holocaust claims to a remaining 100 000 claimants, 1998 money. By 2012,  Luxembourg was the only European state not paying holocaust reparations. 75 Years after the sacrificial burning, Jewish restitution claims are now made against Poland, Hungary, Russia (!) and even the good ole’ United Soviets in America. Recently Germany agreed to 300 million for Russian Jews, the “last group not to be compensated” or something. More than 120 000 pensions are now paid from German coffers to heirs of survivors of the Great Burnt Offering, but most deadlines for claims have lapsed…

Enters Bayer, the largest ever German chemical company. It buys Monsanto, the world’s most hated, most feared and soon the most sued company ever. Still Bayer thought risking trillions of Euros in fines and compensations was a brilliant business decision. If the German taxpayer gets milked for those Monsanto fines, you will know that you read it here first: they have found a way to extend the leaching of the German nation, the leeches have found a new vein... complaining about the poisons in our food has proven very profitable to the Independent Judiciary.

Hitler as Zion’s god of the Talismanic Insult

In February 2020, Donald Trump donated his presidential salary to “fight the coronavirus”. The Democrats wasted no time: “You know who else didn’t take a salary? Adolph Hitler!” Bernie Sanders has been described as a “Bolshevist”, and his supporters were called “Brownshirts”. If you research Brownshirts, you will be told they were “Nazi storm troopers …fighting… Bolsheviks.” Marine le Pen is a neo-Nazi because she opposes unregulated immigration, Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite because somebody said so. When Jerusalem police accosted Jews for violating Covid19 curfew, the entire neighborhood started chanting "Nazi, Nazi, Nazi!"

Hillary Clinton has shown much cruelty throughout her career, she’s often referred to as “Hitlary”. When George Soros financed a bunch of Bolshevik revolutionaries in Ukraine, they were labelled “neo-Nazis”. 300 000 people killed by Yankee bombs in Raqqa was a liberation, Mosul was the “greatest tragedy since the holocaust”. Many, many events carry the tab “greatest tragedy since the holocaust’, but nobody ever dare their hand at any tragic event as great as or greater than that which the Jew sacrifices to his G-D. This automatically lends the Jew the higher moral ground in any relation, and your entire reality is subject to ridicule. I mean, your petty problems, compared to the Jews' Great Sacrifice... Your refusal to agree with every word of the official narrative just proves the neo-Nazi nature of your anti-Semitism.

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Protective Custody

“They shipped granma off to Treblinka, look, here’s the papers, but after the war, we looked all over Treblinka, and we can’t find granma nowhere. The Nazis gassed her, they burned her in a mass grave, just keep digging, it’s here somewhere…” Only, Treblinka was not a death camp, or even a labour camp. It was a transit camp, built around a major rail hub. Prisoners passing through were en route to labour camps or, mostly, the ghettos of eastern Europe, notably Poland.

While the Jews were being rounded up and shipped off to Poland, there to be protected by armed soldiers and fed daily rations with free access to healthcare, the White people of Europe were being shot and firebombed in their millions. While the Jewish Mayors of Polish cities were protecting hundreds of thousands that Hitler sent them by shoving them into Ghettos, the Jewish Board of Deputies and their weapons manufacturers in Anglo-America burned Dresden to the ground. While German soldiers were herded to Nuremberg, the Jewish doctors in Palestine were herding Yemeni children through X-ray machines set at thousands of times safe power levels. When the Allies “liberated” the ghettos, they brought food and medicine, the Germans were blockaded for another three years, allowing no form of aid into the country, arguably killing more through hunger and deprivation than the number who died during the actual War.

Without the divine intervention of Lord Adolph, Jewish losses may have been much greater. Instead of losing a few thousand members of their total population, they could have shared in the massive reduction in White people that Europe was subjected to, if you include those who died because of starvation and needless medical complications during the blockade. 70 million? All because we all gathered to protect the poor threatened sixmillions from bad Herr Hitler. 70 million souls sacrificed on the altar of Zion, because, shame, those six million Jews who are in danger of... overfunding?

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Morality

The Jewish proudly publicise their intense involvement in civil rights movements, liberation organisations and political activism of all sorts. They always manage to find the necessary funds in your state’s coffers to uplift minorities, they are always at the ready to punish majorities for their sins against minorities, and they are aces at convincing the poor to finance revolutions and coups d’état that always claim the lives of the poorest first.

This is why we have Jewish ‘experts’ advising ‘The West’ on morality, law and all-round tolerance of other cultures, even if they behave contrary to the laws of the country they are guests in. To insist on enforcing your own laws, is always “reminiscent of Nazi tactics”. The upsurge in far-right supremacist xenophobia amongst European populists who refuse to accept more ‘refugees’ is the “greatest tragedy since the holocaust”. Patriotism, socialism, cultural pride, all are now under the umbrella of 'Fascist'. It matters not the historical or dictionary definition of the word, it is a terrible insult, because, don't you know, Hitler was a Nazi Fascist.

In every country in the world, the Independent Judiciary  declares that the ‘human rights’ of the criminal invader trumps the basic rights of the citizenry, in every country…except Israel, where not being Jewish is enough reason to imprison, maim, kill or eradicate your entire family. Some say that Zionism is actually just the modern expression of Nazism. That illustrates the dangers of believing your own propaganda… all hail!

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Absolution

 Today, there are two ways to think about Jews: To some, they are the people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jews are the chosen people described in the Holiest of Books. Then Adolph Hitler burned six million of them, for some reason. The other view, that the Jew is some sort of villain that controls the world via money, has been outlawed in many places, so we can ignore them for the moment. For now, it is important to know the history of the Jew, as the Bible tells it, nothing else. American kids are even getting educated on the “historical role of the Jew in the Bible” these atheist days. That’s the history, the present is that they were burned by Hitler. Those are the two chapters of Jewish existence, as far as we may discuss them.

Historical documents, correspondences, books both fiction and academic, jokes, plays, stories and cultural attitudes since the dawn of the modern era (Greece) show remarkable distrust, dislike and outright hatred of Jews living in guest countries. The reasons, valid or not, are not discussed here. What we must remember is the Bible, and Hitler, everything else is anti-Semitic blasphemy.

Heil das Führer, for He has brought forth the Gas, and the Fires and the reading lamps made of skin. The Chosen People have atoned. Their sins against the gentiles have been washed away with soap made in the Auschwitz fat factory. Heil!

Hitler as Zion’s god of  Abundance

In one of the apocryphal chapters of the Gospel of Sixmillions, the story is told of how Lord Adolph lifted Germany out of abject poverty in a very short time, making it the “best country to live in”. Hitler’s solution to economic banditry was called National Socialism, a system that excludes parasitic financiers from the workings of government, saving the taxpayer gazillions. That money, in turn, was spent on building a social infrastructure that uplifted the poorest into the realms of ‘working class’ taxpayers. The financiers did not like this at all. In 1936, the Jewry of the world formally declared war on Germany, with the expressed intent to “erase the idea of national socialism from the memory of man”. 1936! (the War started in '38)

Destroying national socialism required the destruction of Germany, and every country that thought of following Hitler’s example. Japan and Italy were already going Cold Turkey off “high finance”. The Lira was crashed by merely refusing to sell Italy anything, and the Lira became toilet paper. Japan was more independent, grew food, fished… kaboom! “Axis of evil” indeed. After Hiroshima, the world’s so-called leadership stood in a queue to sign up for the Bretton-Woods agreement.

 That is the bit where, for some obscure reason, we can solve the problem of corrupt Goyim wasting state funds, by forcing our governments to borrow every red cent from international financiers.  At interest, of course. And the contract calls for the total disregard of all local laws and statutes, and our justice system is replaced by an appendix of the Talmud called  “Good Governance Contract”. This way, we all share in the global effort, supporting Germany to pay the “blood debt” of the greatest warrior in Jewish history.

Heil Hitler, Lest We Forget.