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The Cacastocracy (commonly misnamed ‘The Elite’) is running for cover like cockroaches surprised by the kitchen light. Suddenly, nobody knows who Epstein was, or at least they did not partake in his lifestyle of child rape, prostitution and general depravity. Or at least, they did not do it willingly, Epstein misled and compromised them. Epstein is this bad guy that was blackmailing our precious public personalities, and they don’t deserve the suspicions and accusations being flung at their worthy personages. Epstein is the bad guy here, him and his troupe of coquettish underage whores…

Now that Epstein has finally been arrested, some of his “little black book” of famous and powerful names opened for public scrutiny, and the spectre of court cases hanging over the vast majority of the world’s Mover/Shakers, the story is subtly changing before our very eyes. Judging by the reactions of the so-called Mainstream Media, this whole mess has come as an absolute surprise to everybody. There is not a media personality or politician out there, or the thing pretends ignorance of Epstein’s sins. First word they hear of this. Who would have thought?

Epstein was arrested in 20XX, after a young girl reported being raped at Epstein’s house. After some perfunctory investigations into the moral characters of those who supported these wild allegations of impropriety, the conclusion was obvious: “Hide this shit, and quick!”. Pardon the rural French there, but from here on, the pile of excrement around Epstein started fermenting, kicking up a stink worldwide. To set matters straight, the Epstein legal machine made everyone involved offers they’d better not refuse, and Epstein pled guilty to a rather strange misdemeanour: Soliciting prostitution from a minor.

 Now, the existence of child prostitutes cannot be denied, but this makes it sound like this teenager was standing on a corner in her underwear, waiting to entrap older men or something. In actual fact, Epstein and his extended circle of friends preyed upon little kids who thought you become a model or movie star by being pretty and talented, whatever that means. In any case, Epstein spent a year in Yengeni-jail, you know, the one where a politically-connected mafioso is “jailed” by allowing him out every day on “work detail” in his own office, where he continues to indulge in his perversions. He apparently did sleep in his cell sometimes, a five-star abode by all accounts. On his release, Epstein held a massive party, letting the world know he is still The Man. In attendance to his lordship, were some obscure, little-known people, like some prince called Andrew something, some couple called the Clintons, some Bushes, half the glitterati of Hollywood, and near every “opinion-maker” you see on the news channels was there. It was a great party, everyone agreed. The photo’s sent around the press shows a lot of smiling… and very young girls…

So, under the guise of modelling gigs, little kids were dragged off to drug-fuelled parties where they got raped and abused by those who can afford to party on private Boeings en route to private islands, while little kids fondle your private parts. All in the privacy of rooms rigged with spy cameras and recorders, of course. The spying and taping bit was totally “secret” until it became a necessary part of the “mainstream narrative”.

Nobody remembers attending that famous party, Bill Clinton appears on the Lolita Express log 26 times, yet he only “travelled on Epstein’s plane four times” the News tells me. This new scandal has been an utter surprise to everybody, except those who never rode the plane, for us, it was an obvious travesty of justice, but at least it provides proper evidence for the Paranoid Goy’s assertion that Bill Clinton did not have sex with Lewinsky, because Bill likes kiddies, boy or girl, really. At the time, rumours of ‘impropriety’ with a child was totally drowned out by the Lewinsky-circus.

As we write, a report surfaces of a video showing Bill raping a 13-year old girl. Have not seen it, child porn holds no fascination for a Goy. The Clintons feel they are being blackmailed.

And this, then, is the reason for today’s rant: The Epstein debacle can have only one of two reasons, and there will be only one outcome. If this Epstein mess is being deliberately stirred, it is to fulfil the requirements of PROTOCOL 10 paragraph 13: “…we shall arrange elections in favour of such presidents as have in their past some dark, undiscovered stain, some "Panama" or other - then they will be trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans …etc.” If this is going to bring down governments the world over, then the End Times are truly upon us, and the One King shall soon claim ownership of earth. The long-planned, well-publicised, ill-deserved loss of all private and public property into the One Corporate Account will start like this. Or end like this, all the same extinction of free humanity.

If Epstein is really under attack in a War On…paedophilia, is it a Mafia-driven cleaning-up operation to claim the child-for-sex trade, possibly “put it on the market”? This relationship between the various mafias, police forces and governments is extensively discussed elsewhere on this site. The fact is, this might be a turf war between the sex traders for the monopoly of the trade in children. In that case, the transgressions of beloved public figures will be widely acknowledged, publicised and promoted as the way decent people behave. By the time we recover from the shock, child sexuality will be such an ordinary thing, nobody will even notice anymore. In this regard, it may be wise to remember that in America 2015-17, the vast majority of minors “rescued from sexual exploitation” ended up there via the foster care homes they landed up in after they were confiscated from their parents for no good reason at all. Not allowing your child to have a sex-change operation at seven is considered child abuse, by those who make those laws… But don’t worry, the rich and famous are known for perpetuating pederasty within their own families first of all, so not every poor child is at risk.

Okay, so every poor child may now be at risk of being confiscated in the name of charity, and sold into the sex-slave market, but surely They will make laws and things to make sure the thing is properly regulated… won’t they?

No matter what the reasons, motivations or result is of this War On… paedophilia, we can rest assured, from now on, the trade in child sex slaves will be strictly regulated. As a matter of fact, expect a massive, worldwide search for accomplices and witnesses. This investigation is sure to last long after everyone concerned is dead anyway. In the mean time, the smuggling of children from the Russian republics has been stopped, or at least severely curtailed, so, if you live somewhere else, and your little girl looks like she will fit in a harem, well, I’d be vigilant, if I was you’se. Jeffry Epstein had many accomplices, and his clientele is not the kind you want to mess with, they come with actual armies!

…and all their scouts are out there, looking for “talent”.

Update July 2019:

So Epstein gets re-arrested, and awaits trial in jail without parole. With no hope that he will actually be allowed to testify, we all await his suicide or escape.

Update August 2019:

So, on the night of 17/18 August, a worker at Epstein’s jail tweets the world with news that Epstein has been taken to the infirmary, then a van entered the yard, with a “green-clad military type in the back”. By the time the van leaves, the tweeter is convinced Epstein has been “switched out”. Fifteen minutes later, the world is informed that Epstein is dead, and three days later, the coroner has “enough information” to inform as that it was “clearly an apparent suicide.” He hung himself using “paper-like bedsheets”! We would suggest crowdfunding a DNA test on the corpse, but it was “claimed by an unidentifiable person”.

The van was never recorded in the gate log, all the cameras were “offline” at the time, and not one nurse can recall seeing Epstein in the infirmary that night.

The Federal Case Has Been Closed. No further prosecutions expected, the victims of Epstein’s blackmailing sigh in relief… Those little whores!