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Assange was not arrested because he hacked someone. Assange was not arrested because he stole, published or solicited information. Julian Assange was arrested as part of the Globalist program of transparency and accountability in government. Allowing Assange and his ilk free rein would be treason against every state involved in the War On…Fake News. If the War On…Fake News is not won, the War On…Terrorism cannot be won, and without a War On…Terrorism, there can be no War On…Poverty, and soon the War On…Poverty will be lost, and people will be able to raise their children in peace and prosperity, and they won’t be so easily robbed of their children in the War On…Paedophilia.

If we are going to give up on the War On…Paedophilia, nobody will get to run the world trade in children in an orderly manner, and the trade in child prostitutes will once again enrich only the pimps, priests and welfare workers, instead of going to Market as part of the formal Economy. We have to formalise every facet of the economy, “put it onto the Market”, so The Investor can have correlated price discovery. Anything else is sure to "harm investor confidence".

The most important War On… is the one for the free exchange of information with immediate and serious implications for public wellness. Without total control of the news media, the ‘News’ coverage of The War may include content not to the benefit of those who are ‘financing’ said war. The War On…Poverty put the nation’s money “onto the Market” via a privatised Reserve Bank. At that stage, it was determined that buying the 25 biggest newspapers in America would be sufficient to “control the narrative” and thereby mislead the populace as to the real status of “The Economy”. This enabled the rape of the American economy, turning it into a war machine. The First World War was an obvious ploy to subject Europe to the same banking system, hidden from the public by ample news coverage of the Marshall Plan, a “financial aid package” that can never be repaid. 

WW2 was started to punish Germany, but also Italy and Japan (all together the Axis of Evil) for deviating from the Federal Reserve model. After the Japanese Finance Ministry and Reserve were blown up in Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively, the world agreed to signing Breton Woods. Now they are going after the Arab countries and their gold standard, as well as BRICS and their version of The Fed. Enter the War On…Terrorism. When Saddam Hussein, Hosney Mubarak, Muhammar Gadhafi, Bashar al-Assad and friends came together at the end of last century, they discussed the role of the US Dollar as a function of world poverty, and decided to trade in gold instead. They also discussed the lapsing of oil exploitation contracts, signed after the first world war, coming up for renewal.

The status quo in the Mid-East oil basin has the big companies, Shell, Mobil, Total etc. pitch up with a crate of whiskey and a couple of blond prostitutes, get everybody merry, and sign up for another eighty or forty or hundred year licence. It was suggested to put those contracts up on auction. That was when America “discovered weapons of mass deception” in Iraq, used Kuwait as a basis of terrorism, and got Saddam killed like a goat. Mubarak and Gadhafi followed, equally brutally, killed cruelly by CIA operatives, as in a knife up Gadhafi anus in a public square. “See what happens when you cross the dollar”. Assad is still hanging on by a thread. Brics is starting to collapse from Latin America on…

None of these corporate slaughter-fests would have been possible, was it not for the news media informing us on the progress of “The War”. Women and children in Syria are being gassed with radioactive metallic ashes, Libya is again in flames, Iran is besieged, Palestine is at the point of extermination, and the press is making sure we all know how our brave soldiers are bringing democracy to the masses. It’s not only Yankee soldiers out there, who do you think is “keeping the peace” around the Sierra Leone diamond field, where our president just happen to have shareholding? “Growing the country” says his election posters, didn’t know we have sovereign right over Cyril’s investments in foreign countries. Where tribesmen are being thrown off their ancestral lands, so that The Investor can build confidence. The ones why try to hold onto their heritage are Peace-kept ‘till they give up or die. Or move to The City, where their innocence and naiveté can be exploited on television as example of the brutality and ignorance of the poor.

This deception would not be possible, if everybody had access to information from the so-called battleground. There is not a family man on this earth that would cheer on these wars, if they but knew the real nature of the conflict: Mafia bosses fighting over natural resources and money, using the News to mislead the public into thinking it is for their own protection,  benefit, even. How does blowing up a warlord in Somalia, and replacing him with another, keeping him in power by US military force, make a Texan child sleep better? Huh? I wanna know, please. If people knew this stuff, they might just start asking questions, worse, expecting answers, instead of soundbites. Enter the War On…Fake News.

As every Acoiitheist Anarch knows, every War On… is actually an international effort to capture the market in some illicit substance or service. The War On…Poverty demanded the confiscation of savings, making lots and lots of poor. The War On…Terrorism is a constant barrage of mythical threats of terror, while making sure no-one but The Fed has the means to terrorise us. The War On…Fake News is the worldwide confiscation of all illicit news channels, to be put under control of one Czar, one Fund Manager, one Capo. This way, your fake news shall be perfectly controlled, and taxed, and worshipped as the Truth.

The War On…Fake News ensures total control of what “news” we get to see. By “owning the narrative” the news agencies determine what we see. This is how we see a War On…Terror, and we see nothing, nothing of the people and motives directing the screenplay we are so absorbed in. This is what “total transparency” is; the hand that is waging War On… us has become so transparent, we cannot even see it. The Hand that Moves has become invisible. Julian Assange played dirty, and shone the light of revelation on a few of The Hand’s actions. Because of Julian Assange, thousands of conspiracy theories has been relegated to the everyday category of ‘undeniable fact’. Because of Julian Assange, millions could see, for the first time, the depravity of those who move the War On... all of humanity.

So, in the interests of government transparency, and national security, Julian Assange just has to be prosecuted. Has to. Government transparency is nothing, if it is not accompanied by accountability. Julian Assange compromised the Federal (Globalist/Internationalist) government’s Transparency, and now he shall be held Accountable. Is that not what you demanded just last time you heard of a scandal in government? Did you not heartily agree with the head on your TV, telling you about transparency and accountability? Come on, admit it, you are a great fan of transparency, and there’s nothing that gives you more hope for the future, than the thought of accountability, admit it! Have you noticed yet, that it is always the “snitch” that goes to jail, while the “wrongfully accused” gets to talk on TV, telling you about…transparency and accountability!?

So now they have arrested one of the world’s last sources of Fake News, he will be held accountable, and government will become quite a bit more transparent. Just so you know, a good Acoiitheist Anarchist asks for TRANSLUCENT governance. The light still shines through it, you can see every little detail of what’s inside, but you will always see exactly where it is, what it’s doing, how big it is and, also, we will see when a foreign capitalist creeps up to our government so it can corrupt our politicians.

But with Assange gone, we will have to find new eyes, those ones are shut now, probably forever… and now they have declared War On…Paedophilia. The Paranoid Goy is very concerned about the War On…child prostitution, because then the perversions of our so-called elite will become totally transparent, and we will not even see the as they rip our children away for a life of prostitution in some ‘charitable’ institution. Have you noticed the high class personae, our exalted superiors, the grand elite whose names appear on the flight log of the Lolita Express? Who will find the names for us, of those on the list not yet named yet, people protected better than Trump, prince Phillip, Clinton, who is winning the War On…paedophilia? Julian? Hallo? Anybody seen Mr. Assange? Damn, now we may never know. Transparency has been achieved…