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The average female bee has to remain gainfully employed for the duration of her life; raising babies, keeping house, building and maintenance of said house, collecting food, preparing food, storing food, it never ends for a lady bee or ant. Hives do function admirably, though, and the Bible tells us to go to the ants to learn wisdom. The Bible is full of fun advice like that. It seems most churches love the idea of turning us into a hive of busy little bees, because in a hive, no-one can be naughty, ‘cause no-one ever does anything outside the norm. In a hive, everyone is the same, which must surely mean everyone is Good? If not, you sell them into slavery. Or just smite the darn sinner!

We are all unique, just like everybody else. Bees, ants and suchlike creatures on the other hand, are all twins to the rest of their hive. One queen lays all the eggs and the workers are all sterile, obsessively defensive and not male. Occasionally the hormonal balance in a few pupae will be altered to produce some males; fat, lazy, good-for-nothing males who do nothing but eat and hang out. They are even allowed to visit other hives, whereas the females are chained to their own hearth. Where she works all day at a very specific job, identical to the job done by all her peers, never deviating from her ‘instinct’. A lady bee never has to break her head thinking, you can say she just follows her heart. Like all the other good citizens in the hive. There is no “I” in Hive, you might say. There certainly ain’t no Hive in ‘individuality’.

The benefit of individuality lies in problem-solving. Two people who think alike, are likely to solve a problem the same way. Two people from entirely different backgrounds, using different technologies or methodologies, or just different attitudes, may produce two different solutions. It may even be the same solution, with subtle differences in materials, design or application. Having two solutions means that these two problem solvers may develop their separate solutions and perhaps this may lead to something entirely new or maybe just much better than what exists now.  Those solutions will then later be scrutinised by later designers, and any problems, shortcomings or lack of conveniences will be solved, again in different ways and developed in different directions. This is the real origin of most invention: Random thoughts by random minds leading to random mutations of random working systems.

Solving a problem in a specific way is of course a solution, why fix it if it works? Allowing only one way to solve a problem, limits all future development into that specific direction, beneficial or not. Diversity also means more mistakes, but each a different mistake, from which different things are learned, which leads to yet more different progressions. This is human individuality and inventiveness. This is how we progressed from fire to coal mines to nuclear energy and now we are trying our best to improve on that with less poisonous technology.

This is what a Hive mentality will do to humankind: It will teach us all to think alike, and we will be taught to solve all our problems ‘democratically’ in other words by universal consent, in other words we will all use the same solutions to the same problems, and if we are trained right, we will even agree there is no problem. Can any progress come from a Hive-mind that allows no radicalism, no dissent, no discourse, and no records of what people thought (not so) long ago? We are already burning books by Twain, stories for boys not yet old enough to like girls, written so excellently, they endured. Now they are racist. Yes, he made lots of fun of racism, Twain did, long before it became fashionable to have black friends, long before blacks were told white people hate them, long before white people were taught to hate themselves.

Old thoughts are now suppressed as Fake News, our forebears were all a bunch of non-inclusive supremacists. The real Fake News would have humanity running itself against a wall of doom through our lack of mutual inclusiveness, our apparent lack of desire for universal peace. Our toxic masculinity. The ‘real’ news wants us to come together as one nation, under one banner, with one law, one army, one farm, one factory, one school, one church, one god. They want us to “evolve” into the good citizens they insist They are. Who are THEY? See the Lexicon. Who’s their god? They’re not telling, they spell it G-D.

All the fascism and hatred out there, the neocons and their mythical jihadist employees, the right-wing paranoia and the black vengefulness, the Asian inscrutability and the Zionist pogrom against everyone else… all this is a sign we have not lost the war against the Hive yet. We are put at war with each other, firstly to destroy what little political independence we have left, secondly to reduce us to manageable numbers. The ‘consensus’ is that one billion people on earth is too much. Powerful people, like the ‘richest man’ who now preaches the benefits of unproven vaccinations and genetically modified crops? Bill thinks 300 million of us is enough. The hive has place for less than 5% of current population? Interesting. Will they convert the few who survive, or will they kill everyone except the few who agree humanity must perish? This same entity described above has ‘invested in battlefield automation.’

So, instead of allowing the Hive to set man upon man on radioactive battle fields, why do we not start celebrating our diversity, and instead of using our diversity to create problems, why do we not approach our common problem from our diverse viewpoints? Once we have compared our different solutions, I bet we will all come to realise were are all solving more or less the same problems, to be applied locally as individual circumstances suggest. The only requirements we really have is that we agree on the common enemy, and that we stop fighting amongst ourselves just long enough to get rid of the common problem. Afterwards, we can return to whatever level of warfare we deem useful.

The enemy is the Hive, and we have to sift all our information through this simple rule: If something promotes the Hive, it is Fake News and not in the interest of humankind and their Earth. The Hive is already busy changing our atmosphere by the release of various metallic substances. The so-called Fracking Revolution is actually a financial scam, with the neat little side benefit of releasing yet more destruction into the atmosphere, groundwater, plus, and this is the most important thing about fracking: fracking is putting the earth’s crust under enormous stress, the kind of stress that causes terrible weather and seismic storms. Apparently, this is what the Hive needs. We have to rid ourselves of the Hive, and then I bet the Earth will be big enough for all of us humans again. With fewer earthquakes.

UPDATED BEFORE PUBLICATION: That wonderful man who wants to save 300 million worthy people to inherit his Earth, Bill Gates? He announced November 2018 that he will sponsor (you will be taxed for) a global programme to spray enough pollutants into the atmosphere to darken the sun. The last time I heard of such idiocy, was when an “elected official” demanded we blow a hole in the atmosphere with an atom bomb, so “the heat can escape”. Like with Obama’s eloquence, I still need to see this brilliance of the Gates mind… But he sure has more clout than any Paranoid Goy.