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There has been more than enough said about 911, it is old history, and not very interesting as these things go. Well, that’s my opinion, anyway, the only use I have for the myth of 911, is to spot fake news outlets and idiots. Anyone trying to base any part of reality on the premise of a Muslim attack on the World Trade Centre, is either ignorant or dishonest; both conditions disqualify any further nonsense you thought up for me. If you still believe there were Arabs with aeroplanes, I suggest you stop “consuming the news” and start thinking for yourself. Elsewhere on this site, you will find some open and very simple ideas as to the how’s and whys of the actual demolition, just type ‘insurance’ or ‘fraud’ or ‘wayleave’ or, of course, 911 into the Search bar top right of every page, and you will find some real reasons for that catastrophe. Here, we merely wish to list some aspects of the ‘official narrative’ that are obvious lies. If you can look past these very childish flaws in the story of 911, well, then I believe you probably enjoy being treated worse than an animal by people who think themselves your betters. Scan the following list, and if you still want to preach 911 Holocaust myth, I cannot stop you, there is no pill for stupid.

  1. Arab terrorists hijacked large passenger jets. The original passenger list contains not one single suspect’s name. After the list was ‘updated’, the Arab names belonged to a variety of people; some long dead, sitting in prison, living with Mom back home… One mother actually tried to sue for crimen injuria, she felt her (supposedly evaporated) son was being insulted, and he was such a good boy, sitting there in her kitchen, eating his falafel. Also, the ‘infiltrators’ who took flying lessons in little propeller aeries could not even manage to progress to the level of solo flying, whereas all passenger aircraft are fitted with security overrides that allow ground personnel to take over control of any plane they deem in need of external assistance. This is why nobody has managed to successfully hijack a jet plane since 1979 or so, when these control systems became required spec.
  2. They found the terrorists’ passports on the scene. Really, you want to go there? The entire plane, metal, bodies, luggage and part of the steel building, was evaporated by the “intense heat of the jet fuel fire”, yet three or five passports survived to float down into the hands of the FBI agents or whatever? Really? Not one single surviving scrap of plane, but those Arab passports survived? I think the printer who makes those, should print our bank notes, they’ll never tear! Also, does he do socks? I really need socks that last…
  3. They found pieces of aircraft. Yes, weeks later, someone came up with a photo of a wheel lying on a pavement. That photo has since been outed as photo-shopped. Initially, CNN tried telling us the thin galvanised steel boxes lying around were plane parts, but those were obviously air-conditioning ducts, as found in every large building, usually above the ceiling boards. Years later, someone found a ‘generator’ from the plane, wedged between two buildings. Right, one wheel, one generator (actually a lift hoist motor for an elevator, probably fell off their own roof during installation) and some thin plate ducting, AND PASSPORTS, survived the Great Conflagration, yeah. In Pennsylvania, where a plane supposedly crashed straight into the ground, all we found was a smouldering rubbish pit (with green grass growing in it!) such as is common on small farms, oh, and another wheel, fifteen miles THAT way. That’s all, no other debris. At the Pentagon, not one single piece could be produced, beyond one ‘eye witness’ who “held a briefcase-sized piece of aircraft in his own hands.” This particular person has never spoken any truth before, he is invested in the myth, and once again, one briefcase-sized piece of debris, but that is to be expected, pity he did not find a briefcase-sized wheel. Someone forgot to bring the wheel. They also seem to have thrown away that briefcase full of aeroplane, no-one has seen it except for the ‘witness’.
  4. The towers burned and fell down. This has NEVER happened before. This is not the first high-rise to catch fire, it is not the first to be bombed or hit by a plane. Any architect worth the name knows he is supposed to design with such things in mind, and they do! That type of structure is not made of bricks and mortar, they are made of steel. Any bricks or cement you see, is there merely as functional adornment; walls, floors and roofs are all just rather thin layers of various materials covering up thick, strong steel frames. Steel does not burn nor melt or even soften slightly at the temperature of burning jet fuel. The word-trick here is “Jet Fuel”, and we all know how fast and powerful jets are, don’t we? Here’s the catch, ‘jet fuel’ is actually just paraffin, kerosene, illuminating (lamp) oil. Honest, you would probably not smell the difference, given the chance. Well, one litre of kerosene burns at about 240 degrees Celsius. Ten litres of kerosene burns at… 240˚C, just longer. A thousand litres of kerosene? 240˚C for an hour or so, ain’t gonna melt no steel, mate. And just for recording purposes, airplanes only load enough fuel to get where they are going, they are not allowed to land with loaded tanks, it is extremely risky to do so, and those ‘hijackers’ stayed in the air so long, most of the fuel was used up already. Also, planes do not explode, not even military ones, just like cars don’t explode, or refrigerators, or bicycles and pencils. Planes do not explode, steel does not burn at petroleum temperatures and steel buildings do not crumble after four whole days of raging inferno. Nowhere else in the world, anyway, but New York is special, we all know that. They say everything goes faster in New York.
  5. Questioning the government’s version of the events, is blasphemy. No, really, some little American freak in an expensive suit appeared on my television to tell me that. Blasphemy, you believe that? I wonder who the insulted god will be, then… certainly not one I am familiar with. I will not even waste the time to look up the little twerp’s name, but he’s quite the ‘senior official’ now.
  6. Al Quada and Osama Bin Ladin admitted guilt. As a matter of fact, Bin Ladin was reportedly rather amused, and he was quick to tell everyone the “Americans deserved it”. Hell, an American ‘stateman’ pronounced 911 to be “god’s judgement on the gays”. The Arab-looking gentlemen that the Americans showed on TV admitting guilt? That was not Bin Ladin, for a devout and somewhat fanatic Muslim to appear in public wearing western jewellery would be anathema. Also, Bin Ladin expressed his deep regret at not having done it himself, and once again, THERE WERE NO ARAB HIJACKERS. Just for fun, search the internet for “fake Bin Ladins” and see how many different people the Americans tried to pass off as Osama, to the point I suspect the guy never really existed.
  7. Tower 7. Was it a wastepaper-basket fire, was it radiation from the impact zone, was it magic? Not only did the entire building collapse due to a “small fire”, it was announced to have fallen down almost half an hour before anyone suspected any problem there. The BBC excused themselves by saying the announcer was standing in front of an outdated video feed, when she was standing in front of a live feed, long ahead of schedule, announcing future history. There exists no logical explanation for dropping T7, but there is record of someone commanding that particular demolition by transmitting words like “shall we pull number 7 now” over a radio network used by construction workers. For actual logical reasons for the deconstruction of the complex, we refer you to the article on 911 that deals with wayleaves and insurance fraud.
  8. The passengers that managed to retake the plane from hijackers, phoned their families to say goodbye. Suppose these planes really existed, and supposed they carried passengers (ye gods, we pray they were as fictitious as the terrorists!) the technology that carries your cell signal, does not work in the sky. CELL phone, the tower antennae serve small geographic CELLS, and they do this by focussing their transceiver beams onto specific patches of the landscape; there is no need to waste transmission power on the clouds. The so-called micro-cells installed in planes around ten years later, serve as a relay to the air service’s network, which will, on the ground, connect you to your cell provider. This technology did not exist at the time of 911. No-one could phone their relatives from a plane, hijacked or not, it was just impossible, besides…
  9. The Pennsylvania flight was taken back by passengers, who chose to fly into the ground rather than endanger The President. My first reaction was “Yirrer, bru, box cutters? Come try that in South Africa…” but we are dealing with Americans, they tend to be a bit, er, softish. Next thing we hear? There were some South Africans on board, the plane has been retaken! You’re shitting me! Then, for some strange reason, they have a fit of Montessori Logic and fly themselves into the ground. Refer to abovementioned control systems. On a lighter side, Mythbusters have demonstrated how a seasoned pilot was able to ‘talk them down’, even though neither could master the computer simulation game. On 911, no-one grabbed a mike and asked “any video gamers on board?”. An Afrikaner would at least have tried.
  10. White dust. You know how we know the White Helmets are fake? Because they made videos of themselves being brave and covered in grey dust, just like New York. That funny white-gray dust on 911 has very specific importance. The official explanation is cement dust from the pulverised concrete, which was obvious nonsense that could be disproven by hitting a block of concrete with a hammer. The energy needed to pulverise concrete is immense; not even Hiroshima was covered in cement dust. It turns out, that dust is aluminium oxide and microscopic drops of iron, the product of Thermite, a mixture of iron oxide and powdered aluminium, a flammable and detonatable mixture commonly used for the relatively slow but precisely shaped explosions you need to cut through iron beams. …when demolishing tall buildings!

We will not discuss reasons or consequences of the 911 fiasco here, just switch on the news to see how we are still being whipped with this myth. ‘Most every degradation of our civil rights since 911 has been excused by pointing at 911 and screaming “terror” until we submit to some new draconian law, regulation or ‘security organ’. The only reason they get away with it, is because of the myth of 911, and 911 is every bit as true as the 6 million victims of the holocaust, another magical mythical fable of disaster and survival by people who weren’t even there. For a giggle on a very recent otherworldly catastrophe, find the article on election meddling in America, that one’s a hoot, but already it is used as reason for impending nuclear holocaust. A holocaust is “a complete burning…sacrifice…”. Nuclear war will be an act of sacrifice to some god, don’t you just wonder who his earthly adherents are? We should get their names, they plan to burn us all in holy sacrificial flames of Uranium. They’ve already got a name for it: The Nuclear Holocaust… you know, like The Great War that was gonna “end all wars”?

So, dear reader, if you came this far, I bid you well on your search for real news. It is not to be found where people tell fables of towering infernos and mythical gas showers, it is not to be found where they tell you about the growing economy or investor confidence, and you sure ain’t going to learn anything worthwhile in a school that teaches you to derive Truth by majority vote. You may find some interesting factoids in our article dealing with the 911 demolition, though, something for around the water cooler when the sports fans sulk about ‘their’ loss over the weekend. Come on, it’s a quick read, and it is way more entertaining than watching scarecrows with sticky hairdo’s and stage makeup insult their president, for money... use our Search box (top right) to find the other 911 articles.