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Or: Why Sexism in Hollywood if Fake News

There are only two ways to become a Star: On your back, or on Daddy’s back. You either get born into this very tight circle of ultra-privileged bohemians, or you screw your way there. I was aware of the casting couch before I even knew what screwing meant, it is probably the oldest Hollywood joke on earth. Which girl will not ‘put out’ for a chance at the glamourous life of Julia Roberts or Vanessa Williams? That’s not why I call them whores. Why do you think so many male stars turn out to be willing to ride that couch monster for their chance at that big Role? Men can be whores too. Some of the most respected actresses started their career in a ‘blue’ movie. That is not why I call them whores. For years we watched a series of starlets rise to fame and fortune by poor acting  in strings of blockbusters filled with sex and violence and violent sex and sexualised violence, and posing half naked to advertise those movies. That’s not why I call them whores. They received rewards and accolades and marriage proposals, all because of their life’s work amongst those horrible sexual predators in Hollywood, without complaint. That is not why I call them whores. The entire Hollywood set is a bunch of inbred narcissists, screwing and breeding and aborting and divorcing and all the while rolling in money and public adoration. That’s not why I call them whores. If you want to make your money using a valuable attribute of your anatomy, what business is it of mine? The average prostitute is an angel next to your average corrupted social worker, I have nothing against prostitutes. No, the Hollywood Whores are deserving of their name, because the current (2018) uproar over powerful men in Hollywood abusing their position to ravage innocent actresses, is a big show, a Fake News Extravaganza, a pot of self-serving hogwash these whores are getting paid to keep going, because Gods forbid we remember the actual scandal around Hollywood and sexual slavery.

The plastic-breasted, inflamed-lipped, primped and dyed and surgically reconstructed prostitutes of the silver screen are falling over each other trying to claim some of the limelight, and it is suspected that they are being put up to this, paid, even. This is why I call all of them whores. The entire Hollywood-driven MeToo ‘movement’ is an expensive and well-managed PR exercise to excite our attention and fixate it upon the beautiful starlets with their botox lips and plastic tits, wailing away about the rigours of the casting couch, because heaven forbid we remember the real scandal: Pervasive and institutionalised pederasty and paedophilia amongst those with ridiculous incomes.

Michael Jackson refused to admit to molesting children until his death. As a matter of fact, his last public appearance was a speech to announce his intention to finally disprove the child abuse allegations, and at the same time, he promised to expose the real sins of the entertainment industry. Ten working days later, he was dead. Prince followed soon, also murdered in cold blood. If you have any doubts about his relationship to child prostitution, go watch his early movies. Things have been heating up for the child-abusers, especially since 2001, when one of two famous boys died, and the survivor started telling the world how they were handed around at sex orgies from a very young age. Corey Feldman is still actively fighting to be heard, and as recently as 2012, as a more mature man, he started to draw attention for his public campaign to expose child prostitution in Hollywood.

Skip to 2014, and the world is introduced to Lolita Island, a splendid little getaway for the very very rich, with a trip on the famous Lolita Express, a private jet staffed by children, providing all the comforts a partying bunch of movers and shakers deserve. Bankers, actors, presidents and princes, drinking and farting and raping little kids like there’s no tomorrow. Someone exposed the flight log of that plane, and it is full of very famous names. Some are so famous, they are being kept secret while prince Phillip, the Clintons, and Trump are all named openly, but we must still learn who are the unnamed people are even mightier than that, and they all screw children. Why can I openly name Trump as a child fucker without fear of legal repercussion? Because even if you kept you dick in your pants, Donald, you are aware of this shit, and not only do you condone it, you call these people your friends. We prayed for the universe to shit on all of you, instead you-all declared War on Paedophilia. . As explained elsewhere on this site, all contraband (illegal substances, services and goods) that is vigorously suppressed by government, is actually nothing more than mafia-type trade monopolies, protected by police and other state resources maintained by public funds. In this context, we are tremendously concerned about the War on Paedophilia. It almost seems we have reason to celebrate; are you not aware of, and excited by, the thousands of child-molesters arrested since Donald Trump took office? Have you read the stories of schools and youth centres used for decades by very high-class personages, the rulers of our world, the masters of our universe, caught red-handed and unashamed? But there will be no public lynching. There will be a few court-cases to find scapegoats and exonerate the rest, there will be the usual cover-up, but all indications are that they are merely cleaning up the turf, thinning out the competition, eliminating the small traders. The big traders and their extensive mafia (government) connections will go unreported, because my goodness, did you see, my favourite most beautiful gorgeous famous #MeToo Hollywood Whore was also exploited by a horrific Hollywood Hero. Stop all the presses, Her Beauteousness is about to unveil her abuser…News is happening right on my TV!

Message to those painted whores complaining about MeToo!!!, well, go get fucked, some more, you are being paid to distract attention away from the institutionalised prostitution of little children, not a word of which is being discussed anymore, since a bunch of painted princesses started their performance on every media channel they can infest with their self-serving yammering, while the kids are being gang-raped by our so-called elite classes. This is the same process they used at the end of the second world war; keep us busy looking for non-existent gas ovens, while the ashes of Dresden smoulder quietly and un-mourned, even today. The #MeToo Hollywood Whores are the modern version of the Holocaust survivor/ author/ speaker, and like that fable, we can expect a certain subsection of our society to benefit greatly and disproportionately from this propaganda campaign, while the innocent have to pay damages to their persecutors. We wonder who the Czar of child-prostitution will be?