The opposite of order is disorder. Anarchy is not disorder. 

Another opposite of order is chaos. Anarchy does not mean chaos. 

Anarchy has an opposite. Hierarchy. Every man is better than others at something, but he is not better than others. To each a role according to ability, not heritage or association, an end to Hierarchy.

Anarchy is when a man takes responsibility for his own life, and refuses to accept subordination to or from anyone. He stops bowing to others and refuses anyone to bow to him. A man amongst men, with no regard for class or Hierarchy, hence, Anarchy. Let each man live his life not for other men, but because of other men. 


Persons are Persons because of (other) People 

Anarchy is not about overthrowing government and burning down the courts, it is about reclaiming the promise of public participation in public decision making. The current system was designed to mislead the entire human race into a new kind of slavery, where we have uncountable privileges and innumerable duties, and all of it revolves around paying interest on fictitious loans agreed to by populist leaders who actively and openly broadcast their hatred of the human race. We are working ourselves to  a standstill for the privilege of sharing this brave new world of the ultra rich, while the rich spend all our money on inventing new ways to exterminate us. The only thing separating us from these misanthropist oligarchs, is the hierarchy they have installed and instilled between us and them.

The Gold class is now spending a hundred times as much on arming the Silver class as what they are spending on educating the bronze class. In 2016/17 South Africa's ruling ANC budgeted 340 million for education, and for the VIP Protection Unit, also known as the Blue-Light Brigade, they budgeted -and  probably overspent- 1,3 BILLION rand. (Update: They spent 5,5 billion that year).

A very serious question arises from this arrangement of metallic hierarchy between the proletariat scum and the oligarchs; how hierarchic are the oligarchs, and WHO DO THEY ANSWER TO? There may be hints of their hierarchy in the values they are trying to force upon us. The entire Montessori philosophy we witness amongst the Neo-liberal Democrats in America is proof that they are succeeding, and millions of people seem ready to kill anyone standing between their Queen and her throne. There is no individual thought there, and the cognitive dissonance threatens to remove the last few shreds of democracy out of a seriously communist regime in Washington and Camp David. All in the name of worshipping a woman who has publically screamed with laughter, describing the murder of African Visionary President, M. Gadhafi. He was brutally murdered, in public, by CIA operatives to show the world what happens when you oppose the Financial Hierarchy, which is the main tool of the eugenicists.

The history of political groupings calling themselves anarchist is always short, ending soon as possible after their first intercourse with the whore Communism. The first, main, most important requirement of communism is revolution. Violent, retributive, punishing retribution and revenge upon all not embracing the faith. The vapid religiousness of the communist were last seen in the Catholic Church just before the Renaissance. Anarchism cannot possibly include the killing of others in revenge or retribution, for no man is worth so little as to have his life wasted for some political ideal. Also, communism is the ultimate exercise in Hierarchy, there is nothing in Communism more important than the hierarchy tasked with ensuring universal equality and fraternity and liberty. It would be funny if it was not so friggin' murderously murderous. Communism is a business strategy acting as a religion masquerading as a political movement. You will find no difference between the actions of Lenin and those of the Catholic church, when both were hunting down all non-believers like vermin. Both hierarchies also ended up immensely rich and powerful, building monuments and palaces all over the world. Co-incidence? And you thought the ban on condoms was because the pope loves humans. Anyway, those are the hierarchs we need to shed.

Open any dictionary, Google any expert; the definition of Anarchy always starts with a reference to communism. Communism is abhorrent to Anarchists; it is pure hierarchy. Look at America right now, and tell me all that war and death and poverty and control by the communist elite looks like a good idea to any thinking person. Soros wants to use America to make the entire world give up on Democracy, and he can be so easily stopped, just by denying him and his place in the hierarchy, and with him his entire hierarchy of human-haters...and we don't owe them money just because we are poor. We are poor because they stole all our wealth, in land, resources, individual choice, all because they outranked us, which gave them the right to lie and mislead us, and finally to make laws that serve only the top of the hierarchy, at the detriment of all levels below them. All we need do is scrap all laws that benefit their hierarchy of psychotic bullies, and use the technology available to us to prevent any further corruption of human society.

 That is what Anarchism means in real terms. Public participation in public decision making, and full traceability of public funds.