of a developing child's anus or genitals, you are actually (directing/ influencing/ hampering/ altering) interfering with his cerebral development. You are directly influencing the brain at the centre, which may explain homosexuality by teachers versus transgenderism through factors in the womb. This will also explain the "get them by eight, before it's too late". A fully developed brain is not so easy to lead by the balls!!!

On tv they told me the majority of addicts have been molested as children. Is this to scratch an itch deep in the centre of the brain?

Soon, music will be reduced to trance drumming; beatless, a-rhythmic, unmelodious and chaotic. "play what feels good" with some pitch-perfect voice, possibly computer generated but definitely computer enhanced, screaming propagandistic inanities and subliminal orders. The populace will be entirely occupied in an almost religious adoration of their favourite public personality. Social websites will become the real thing, and your "space" will be "personalised". Anyone "visiting" you in your "space" will be greeted by your specially designed site, personalised to approximate your favourite "persona", whether moviestar or football hero. A large service industry will exist around "experts" that "personalise your image", meaning they design (copy/paste stock photos and backgrounds) your web page to look like you are actually living the life of your fave star.
Another industry one can easily envision is people who become stars purely by acting out scenes for your "personalised space" that you may copy/paste as you will (can afford, pretty blondes will always cost more). You like futtebol? We give you the hippest pics of actual models playing with balls in the most fantastic an erogenous way thinkable!! Like music? Fab DeeDee Sxummfaze will dance just for you... at a price. One moneyspinner will have you pay to see your friend's background come to real life, actually moving before your very own private eyes...


The mark of the beast is already here; the new technology for gaming and interactivity is a set of glasses or somesuch visor that projects images almost straight into/onto the eyeball. The most obvious danger is hordes of teenagers walking around oblivious to their surroundings. More insiduous the possibility that the broadcast images becomes such a part of everyday life, that real surroundings also have to be made part of the e-world, "for safety reasons" of course. This opens the possibility for a "reality takeover" by some group with access to the broadcast medium. Couple this with the current beastial signature, the smartphone. Imagine the average Blackberry user, nose and thumb fully immersed in B-Space or whatever they call it, existing vicariously through virtual reality  goggles, the braodcast surrealist pseudolife of Joe Magnuminous, Man of Men's colognes.

Your ID will never be the CHIP. Your bank card will be yor ID, whatever form your bank card takes. By carrying the bank of your choice's emblem, you will be "expressing your style". This could possibly lead to Bank Wars, and your chosen corporate logo will be the uniform of the financial army you have signed up for. Being neutral is not an option, as your salary and taxes have to go through some institution approved by the Bank, for the Bank.

There are already banks and Banks. a new BANK is in the offing, replacing the entire international fiscal system as we currently know it. The Worldero is on the horizon, the Government has already signed the treaties on the electorates' behalf.