The Science of Religion, the Dogma of Faith

Scientists love making fun of the ‘ghost-worshippers’ but most religious people agree, their god is the best, and he does not like scientists. Scientists often dream of a day when all the religious folk will at least agree on which specific god being the best, it would really cut down a lot on the bloodshed and so forth… Scientists are so blessed to be spared the childish emotionality and blind obeisance of the god-fearing. After all, it is obvious that only Science provides Real Truth, and to deny Science is primitively stupid, “everyone knows” that only science can describe reality properly. Does this sound familiar?

The word “science” has specific meaning. “systematic and formulated knowledge” This is what gives economists the linguistic-legal right to call their specific branch of navel-gazing ‘science”. In real terms, Economics Theory fails the final test of a science: they can only predict the “Market” with perfect vision in hindsight. Real science makes predictions possible, because real science explains the world in a set of formalised rules and reasons. “If A happens, and B is present, C will happen” is a common result of scientific enquiry. We call the science ‘good’ if C can be shown to happen without fail in response to the stimuli A and B. That said, the test for a thing is not the definition of a thing. The definition of science requires a formal database of knowledge, no less, no more. So what about Christianity, for example?

If you classify your reality in terms of divine privilege, you are a theist. You see the workings of god in everything around yourself. An economist sees reality as a set of interdependent financial interests, the biologist sees the world in terms of live organelles, the astronomer sees it all in the stars. Each one of these people are practicing science, from the priest asking for vengeance upon the sinners to the nuclear physicist praying to find dark matter, to the young political activist who firmly believes the world will be at peace as soon as we all vote for the right candidate. What is your favourite science? Of course, if every religion, political theory and profession out there is actually valid science, then the converse must also be true?

Every science is a religion! Remember the definition of science? A formalised system of knowledge. How shall we define religion? “System of faith and worship” says my dictionary. So, there is a structured, formalised system of beliefs, and worship. Let us not specify that worship, a protestant’s first experience of a catholic service often seems devoid of devotion to the protestant’s idea of God, the Mary-thing is confusing, then all the weird ritual… Imagine what the Buddhists must be like! Even in a belief system, there may be schisms. Physicists think biology messy, biologists laugh at the silly games with lasers, it cures no ills! These differences are the result of the worship of the believer’s own belief system. This is where it gets weird. This is where the dividing line between science and religion becomes blurred.

You want to see a real angry dude? Go tell a scientist his science is wrong, tell a priest his god is imperfect, tell a democrat his vote means nothing. The scientist is as emotionally invested in thermodynamics as is a priest in his faith, as is a communist in the myth of an ever-growing economy. Insulting any belief system results in violent protectionism by adherents of that faith, no matter the philosophy or lack thereof underlying the faith being questioned.

When it comes to brass tacks, there is no difference between science and religion, one system of beliefs are as valid as any other system. The difference lies only in applicability. Christianity has civilised many a land, but it also wiped out entire cultures. Nuclear physics brought us the internet as well as The Bomb. The only real difference between thermodynamic engineering and a good catholic service, is that no amount of prayer has yet propelled a man to the moon, no atomic theory has put a man’s heart at ease after the tragic loss of a loved one. Which one is more important to you? Really? That your final answer? Or is the importance (therefor reality) of a thing dependent upon the eyes we look at it with? It’s all science, it’s all religion. Put not your trust in faith, and there should be no faith in science. Ever second fool thinks he holds the Truth, and those who are not trying to sell you their beliefs, are trying to kill you off for “believing wrong”. From the witches burning at the stakes, to vaccine cocktails for the useless eaters, the high priests of every religion always find some sinners who deserve to die. Heaven for the believers, poverty to the sinners. Or was that money for those with tax breaks and Hell for the non-invested?

Who do you Insult when you say 'Jew'.

The Jews removed from Egypt around 3000 years ago? From there they eventually ended up in the land beyond Palestine? Where did they come from before Egypt.

Then, there are the people of modern Israel, known hereabouts as “Zionistan”. By many accounts, they come from Khazaria, where they were isolated and despised for their brutality and criminality. Many a king visited vengeance and retribution upon the Khazars, an uncouth collection of uncivilised barbarian tribes living off robbery and spoilage. By force or foresight, a leader stepped up, declared himself king, and proceeded to build a nation out of all the warring tribes. Having no common ethic or legal system, a search was sponsored, and many wise men offered many wise theories and dreams. Then came one guy from the land now known as Yemen, with the Torah. The Torah was a collection of five scripts, purporting to be the history, law and culture of a people who believed themselves to have direct communication with their god, albeit via appointed spokespersons, or rather anointed priests. They also believed this god to have chosen them, and them only, to be his deserving servants, under his direct and divine protection. Between the Arabs, the Romans, the Arabs, the Roman Catholics and some more Arabs, this nation was scattered and their holy relics plundered, their culture destroyed and their religious sites defiled. A number of them held onto their old culture while living amongst the fanatically strict Muslims, in places like Lebanon, Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Syria. By the seventeenth century, the Jews of Moses and Abraham, were still the children of Abraham, but little more than the remembrance of the Laws of Moses remained in their culture. Out of these ruins the Khazars extracted a morality to call their own, as set out in the in their holy scriptures. Also, it served neatly to separate the Khazars from the rest of their surroundings, them being Christians to the west, Orthodox Russia and Scandinavian heathens to the north, Muslims to the south, Hindus of Zoroaster behind those mountains… no! Khazaria for Khazars and their unique and God-given “culture”.

The Books of Moses was the most comprehensive system of moral and ethical guidance yet offered in the search, and the new king forthwith ordered all his wise men to study the text and produce a coherent and unifying moral guideline for the as-yet unborn nation. Thus, the Talmud was written, a horrendously sexist, racist, obnoxious and noxious  document far longer than the original five books of Moses. It is supposedly a “commentary on the Torah”, but in reality, a rather crude attempt to equate the adoption of the religion of the Israelites, with the concept of being a chosen people of that god. They converted the entire nation to their version of a mythical Judaism, and from there, spread outwards into Europe, from Vladivostok to Cork and Kerry, and everywhere in between. They never were a nation, but now they had a shared purpose. The Pentateuch, or Five Scrolls of Moses, was now the adoptive divine revelation of the Khazarian barbarians, but only those who studied the old scrolls could read the ancient language known as Hebrew.

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Sheldon's Dream: The Singularity and Uploading Your Mind to a Computer

So, the famous Doctor PhD. (Phy.) Sheldon Lee Cooper wants to live long enough to experience the privilege of uploading his marvellous intellect to a robot. While this sounds ridiculous to some, for others, it promises immortality. But what does the circuitry look like inside an artificial brain? How does artificial intelligence operate? What does a robot dream about? Is my laptop yearning for a prostitute’s warm embrace? How big a hard drive will you need to upload one brain? Will I spend an eternity inside a machine somewhere, trapped, immortal and still wondering where I left my keys? Can I take my wife with? Does she want to come? Will we be able to come? Will Google supply us with virtual condoms, so we do not overpopulate the server farm with little skeptoid subroutines? Will my virtual totty be big enough? Will my stoopit head get an upgrade, adding some of that artificial intelligence to my own ignorance? Will they implant me with an APP that trusts my government? How much cleverer will I be? Will I be a good citizen, friend, lover? Will I ever find my keys? How artificial will my intelligence be?

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Corrupt Judges, Legal Precedent and Case Study Law, the Unholy Trinity of Justice

Our justice system has been hijacked by an exclusive gentlemen’s club, called the BAR.  In our so-called Roman Dutch Law, you may speak in higher courts only if you are a member in good standing with the BAR. As a lawyer, advocate or judge, you are bound, not by The Law, but Law as interpreted by the BAR. No crime committed by a judicial lackey has any real repercussions; if you know the right people, you can literally get away with murder. Should a lawyer, however, act contrary to the rules of his BAR club, he is immediately sanctioned, disowned and thrown to the wolves, to become an ambulance chaser or real estate agent. Out courts are subject to the rules and regulations of a club most people think is a government institution. Oh, and their main clubhouse is apparently in London.

Not only does the buddy-buddiness of our judicial officials open our justice system to corruption and bribery, it has a far more sinister consequence: Our law is interpreted on a case-by-case basis, using tricks of the trade, like case-studies and legal precedents. This is where a poor man walks into a courtroom for the same crime as a rich man, but somehow, the rich man’s lawyer ‘remembers’ a case in 1973 when a judge determined killing a man wearing a green shirt is less serious on every second Friday. For the poor man, murder is murder, for the rich, it is a regrettable mistake. Using a judgement as legal precedent is complete disregard for the law, it means that, once a judge has been bribed, his corrupted utterances can be used in perpetuity to excuse the transgressions of those who can afford the kind of lawyer that can convince a judge to accept the judgement of a corrupted court from the past. Somehow, these defences are not available to the poor from ordinary lawyers. For us, justice must be commensurate with the crime.

Also, if a rich man stands against a poor man, there is nothing stopping the two lawyers from sharing the much greater fee of the rich man, leaving the poor man poorer, for the court shall order the loser to pay for everything. There is nothing that stops a rich man from accusing a poor man of any crime whatsoever, because he has a lawyer on call. How can having a lawyer on call give you such power? Again, the richer you are, the ‘better class’ your lawyer, and here is the most important qualification for all lawyers:

A good lawyer knows the law, a great lawyer knows the judge.

This is the soul of our justice system, and the justice system underlies or national character: our law belongs to a bunch of good old boys in London, and they are very concerned about the lawlessness and radicalisation of the lower classes. I would take this to court, but I cannot afford a lawyer…

Frankly, I would rather be judged by a convocation of elders unfamiliar with all parties, than by a bunch of professional buddies who don’t care one way or another whether the law is being served, upheld, enforced or corrupted, as long as they all agree life’s good, the rest can go rot.

That is The Law as we know it, tra-lalla-la-la-laa.

Politics for Beginners

Heeeyy, kids! Ever wonder what this ‘politicals’ thing is the grown-ups like to pretend is so grown-up and important and mysterious? Well, wonder no more, for uncle Cilo is here to explain it quick. There is nothing too complicated, the whole thing is just a bit of a trick. The players are the same as you meet on any playground, the rules are the same as anywhere the bullies are at play, and growing up is mostly the choosing of which part you want to play in this big playground tragedy of bullies and victims, scared nerds hiding in the library and giggling girls tanning their shaven legs in the sun of that creepy teacher’s adoration. Standard playground stuff…

As on the playground, so in adult life, you can choose to be a bully, or a victim, or just another sensible human being that uses every opportunity to learn, to better life for oneself and those around you. Bullies only worry about bettering their own life, victims expect everyone else to make life better for the poor victim at the cost of everyone else. …cost of everyone else except the bullies, a victim will risk his all to protect the bullies, bullies don’t deserve the bad rap they get from jealous ‘haters’. The bully’s greatest victory lies in the victim’s desire to maintain the bully’s happiness. The victim is convinced that keeping his bully satisfied is the only way to secure his own continued happiness. Victims will visit the cruellest of punishments on others in an attempt to pacify their bullies, always  complaining about being bullied. Victims are more dangerous than bullies.

Bullies can be handled;  you and your pals wait for him around a dark corner, pull a sack over his shoulders, and then, without a word that may betray your identities, you proceed to beat some decency into the little bastard, each using  a sock with a bar of hard soap in the toe. This leaves no permanent marks or breakages, so it really is very humane, compared to what the average bully is willing to do to you. This technique is quite old, and popular for its immediate effectiveness at teaching a bully some manners, even curing some of them.

Another way, of course, is to pay another bully to beat up your bully, which, of course, means you have just upgraded in bullies! Now you need a bigger bully to control the new one, and then a bigger one, and before you know it, you are either bankrupt, or running a ‘business’ with partners who like to keep their business ‘private’. This is how you become a criminal, dealing with criminals, living off criminal proceeds, because you have allowed yourself to be bullied into a life where your only concern is to survive the next level of bully, until you are a full-fledged Mafioso, or in government, and you have to open your gate by remote control so the other gang, sorry, party candidate’s  bullies don’t accidentally shoot you down in your own driveway. The fun thing is, it is most likely someone in your own party that pays for the bullets. One day you may become president, then the whole country has to pay for your bullies to hang around in black suits and sunglasses, looking like Hollywood gangsters high on Armani, sniffing their Gucci and spiking Diesel. Bribing bullies is a most dishonourable way of life, yet you will not find anyone more set on his honour, than a gangster or politician. The thicker the varnish of respectability outside, the more rotten the wood at the core inside, a standard rule when acquiring old furniture or new ideas.

We have shown some basic ways of dealing with bullies, but what about victims? As we said, once you are in the clutches (and debt) of the bullies, you have become a habitual victim, and a victim is continually concerned with his own right to survival. This is why professional victims are forever claiming special rights and privileges, they feel the world owe them and should compensate for their suffering. Denying a victim his special status is often portrayed as institutionalised cruelty and discrimination against minorities and their rights. In truth, of course, victims survive by keeping the bullies happy. This means that all special interest, minority or anti-victimisation rights are actually bullies’ rights, demanded by bullies, for the benefit of bullies, and enforced upon the common folk by victims doing their damnest to keep their bullies happy.

There is another kind of victim: the one that withdraws into a corner and plots revenge. These are dangerous people, you never know when they will decide to poison the town well, you never know when they will give up on life, especially other peoples’ lives. If you know someone like this, please be kinder to them, draw them back into society, their loneliness may kill them. Do not hand them over to professional pill-subscribers. The landscape is filling up with graves of people killed by prescription psychosis and the innocents they tend to demand go with them.

There is another kind of victim: the one that goes home and kicks the cat. Some torture the cat a bit. Some end up hurting little birdies and setting the cat on fire and then one day we hear about that dear, quiet dude next door, you know, Jeffrey Darmer? Or Hannibal Lechter, or Hillary Clinton. These people have problems only experts have any hope of making legal money off. They also serve well as employees of Victims of Serious bullies. You have little hope of recognising this kind of victim from far way, and they avoid detection merely by being disagreeable; nobody wants to play with them, because they think everybody hates them. Many of these people start off as victims of those who were supposed to protect them. They then become victims of their own distorted view of emotional realities and social interactions. By us showing simple, non-judgemental kindnesses, not emotionally demanding favours and indulgences, just simple humane kindnesses, such people may be introduced into common society. This is where a general love of humanity and feeling of belonging, serves as your own personal contribution to the welfare and wellbeing of total strangers who urgently need to feel included, instead of excommunicated victims of forces they cannot understand, because they grew up knowing emotions we could never understand, or even admit to having ourselves.

As people grow up, their social role may or may not change, this is called personal growth. A victim may gain enough self-confidence to deal with bullies, he may grow up to be stronger than his bullies, he may become the new bully. These tend to be dangerous people: a victim that becomes a bully does so with much vengeance upon those who allowed the bullies to bully him, all those who looked the other way, even if they lived in cities far away and did not even know I exist, “I’ll get them all!!!” he said, as he threw the bottle of psychotherapeutic drugs against a wall. They never attack their bullies, they prefer assigning blame, rather than justice. When the bullies own the entire system of dispensing justice, blame and vengeance becomes an acceptable replacement for self-worth. The bullying victim is never satisfied by the amount of suffering he sees in his victims; his cowardice is exceeded only by his blood lust. Winston Churchill, Bill Gates and the people who teach little children the world is overpopulated, all tend to forget who is required to spill their innards all over the floor, they just want to ‘save the world’.

There is little chance of defending yourself against the onslaught of a victim. After a lifetime of claiming special privilege, backed by bullies, and at the service of the highest level of criminal domination, the cost of all these special privileges has to fall on someone, and the only people able and liable to bear that cost, is the ordinary citizen unconcerned with the social hierarchy as it pertains to career criminals and those who owe them their existence. The unconcerned citizen lives his life as happily as he can, unaware of the influence bullies have over their victims, and unconcerned with the lengths career victims are willing to go to, to please their bullies. There is, of course, the danger that those unconcerned citizens may accidentally recognise the institutionalised criminality that has grown around them, so every professional bully, first class bully is sure to help us not notice, or if we notice, to not care enough to stop the shenanigans of the criminal classes.  Remember the bully’s first weapon? Secrecy? How does the bully ensure secrecy? By implicating his victims. How do you implicate an entire social class in your international crime syndicate parading as a regional government, international treaty or global corporation?

You shut your competition up by making them complicit in your crime, thus forcing an unconcerned citizen into the role of unwitting victim witlessly thinking he can bully the government with his vote. The top bullies will appoint their most useful victim-nerds to the fore, presenting them as the people responsible for our welfare (or otherwise!!) and then they will demand we cast  ballots to express our preference amongst this row of scared stooges. Whichever victim becomes leader, it will inherit the complete set of bullies that “advised” the previous bunch of victims.  As every victim-leader before him, he will be using the  nation’s second-grade bullies for exactly the same purpose as what the police and army has been used for ever since the bullies took over management of the world: maintaining order amongst the unconcerned who suddenly became very concerned when the rot started showing in their neighbourhood too. When the whole pot of corruption boils over and spills misery, poverty and hunger over the land, those professional victims will be sure to turn upon the population and scream: “you voted for this!” and promptly punish us with higher taxes and inflation. These are times when young people find plenty opportunity in the safety and security sector of the employment market. It is also when personal services become commonly marketed on late-night sidewalks. Then someone pays a few bullies to rub out some people. This job may be out-contracted to individuals, groups, gangs, armies, United Nations, NATO etcetera. Normality returns when the unconcerned once again outnumber those educated enough to be concerned enough to be of concern.

Bullies rely on their actions remaining hidden from justice. They either have to prevent their victim from complaining, or otherwise make their victim’s complaints unbelievable, even crying libel. The standard technique for bullies is to pre-emptively accuse their victims of the crime visited upon them. This is why you have to collect evidence and witnesses before things get out of hand.

When you see someone being bullied, make sure you identify the bully correctly, and call him out. Some day, you may be attacked, and unless you have convinced those around you of the bullying and gain their assistance, you may find yourself victimised. Defending yourself against a serious bully is difficult: The day you touch a bully, you will suddenly discover the full extend of retribution as applied by lawyers and laws and the whole world will turn upon your violence against the poor little victim who has long stories to tell authority about your transgressions. Bullies survive by being more believable victims than anyone else. You avoid being a victim by not allowing any potential bully to build secrets around you. Call them out where you find them, that is honour and civil rights as practised by decent people. Also, it helps if you are carrying a sturdy stick. DO NOT SHOW THE BULLY YOUR STICK. He will come take it off you, and you will do nothing, because the bully was only defending himself. Hide it behind your back and strike when you achieve a legally excusable level of need. In the open, without fear, because you have long informed the community of the bully’s actions. Revenge is not justice. Justice, however, takes revenge upon those who cross those who dispense justice. By now, you must realise, justice is determined by your relation to the top criminals, via their lieutenants in government, via their second-rate bullies in government-issue uniforms, past the second-rate victims fighting for human rights, past the third-rate bullies employed as private security guards by the second-class victims parading as first-class bullies. All of this is paid for by taxes, levies and fees extracted from the only productive class: those too busy trying to make a living and providing for their loved ones to be concerned with the shenanigans of the criminal classes and their vindictive little nerds that run that other mythical thing: The Economy.

To learn about The Economy, kids, please read our stories on that topic by typing into the Search Bar at top right of this page, the words, ECONOMY, or FRAUD, or EUGENICS. Try POVERTY and DEBT. All those stories are too gory for words, and do not belong on the same page as the relatively exuberant and fun piece full of flowers and puppy breath I tried to paint above.

First, they came for those scary guys who acted so scary, I was too scared to say anything.
Then, they came for those other guys who made fun of me. They were nothing to me, so I kept quiet.
Then they came for me. I called for help, but there was no-one left to hear my screams.

Don’t be  a bully, don’t be a victim. Be responsible, be safe, be accountable. Do nothing your favourite maternal figure would not approve of. Be good by not being bad, be careful of doing good for bad reasons and be aware of the bad being done to others in your name. Good bye for now, good luck, stand up straight, eat your vegetables while they are still alive, and report bullies to everyone who listens, because those in authority are blind to the transgressions of bullies, they feel no compassion for your petty suffering. If you feel like a victim, don’t whine to everybody, stand back, look at your bully, then build for yourself a life where you do not accept responsibility for your suffering, but responsibility for your life and those around you. If you dismiss those around yourself as victims, bullies or persons of no concern, who will believe you the day you try defend yourself? Besides, if the only known effective treatment for bully-ism is a good battering with soap-filled socks, someone has to hold the sack, you will never achieve the job alone. No man is an island.
Motho ke Motho ka Batho.

What African-Americans and Zionists have in Common

Protocol 3, lines 6-10. The valuable slave.

The first thing one has to know about slaves, is this: The Good Ones Cost a Lot. Even bad slaves have commercial value. Like a bad dog, you can feed it well and groom it a bit before you put the mongrel up for sale as a thoroughbred; that’s the stuff the free market is made of. One thing remains constant though; slaves may be defranschised chattels, but they are worth money. No sane person stands around burning his own money therefor no sane man abuses his slaves, a basic exercise in economics. Despite this simple motive of profit, which is merely greed, institutionalised and controlled, there are two ethnic groups who argue their very political existence upon the false premise that their enslaved forebears were victims of institutionalised torture and genocide by White Man.

The first group we shall deal with easily; the American Black Fascist. Many Afro-Americans –not all- are the progeny of slaves imported to work on plantations run by English Noblemen thrown out of Europe, mostly for criminal behaviour that not even the royal courts could cover up. The slaves were needed, as the plantations have been developed beyond the point where the few surviving indentured workers could no longer cope, the men and children who built the original plantations have either been worked to death, or managed to escape into the mountains. Whereas ‘criminally unemployed’ pre-teen boys from Ireland came for free and with (dis)inheritable chattels attached, slaves were expensive and therefor well looked after. They were allowed to build houses, those many of thousands of dead white boys had to sleep where they were ‘out of the way’, and eat what they could scrounge, and were worked to death in the sun, or ran away into the mountains, broke, scared and their fair Island skins burned like lobsters, ‘rednecks’, the joke of black slaves wearing actual clothes and eating actual food from actual tables. Sure, some dumb bastard in town will always kick his dogs, beat his wife, molest his kids and beat his slave senseless. While the existence of such men is a constant, the horrible abuse that modern blacks claim, is sheer nonsense, belied by basic economics theory. You treat your slave well, even if just long enough to sell him off to the next unsuspecting owner just like any bad motor car. Or do you propose we compost our cars every time we buy a new one, forget the trade-in value?

The other ethnic group that would like us to confuse slavery with genocide is of course those who promote that Great Modern Horror, the Holocaust. The Jewish Anti-Defamation League will viciously prosecute any evidence against their version of history, but it is worth noting that Juden chosen for arrest mostly  ended up in labour camps, exploited and swopped amongst specialist factories staffed by Der Kamp Kommander or whatever they were called. The radio messages intercepted by British listening posts during WW2 contains much traffic that was just regular camp situation reports, as the Army –and every other large organisation- demands on regular basis. This included transportation numbers, ill and dead numbers, camp swop movements, all carefully kept record by both the Nazis and Her Majesty, and it has been released as is the norm for old documents, and now we can all have better insight into daily camp life; repetitive, boring, hard work, really boring rations, but enough to make sure you stay healthy enough to work, and we know how mythically industrious the Germans are… Not a good life for most, but you are looked after at least as well as a sheep or cow. A man may slaughter a cow for processing, but random wanton slaughter of even rabbits is seen as counterproductive and even cruel.

The only sane conclusion to be drawn, is that both BLM and JDL are propagandising against white people by instilling in them racial guilt for mythical wrongs. After all the depredation and abuse at the hands of one religio-political mafia after another, the white man will, once again, see his family members burn at the stake of righteous genocide. Arab slave dealers, Roman genocide, Moore slavery, Roman Catholic genocide, Dark ages, Roman Catholic omniregicide, witch hunts, Protestant destruction of the remains of white culture, witch hunts, revolutions, world wars, the druggification of the nation, now AntiFa and the War on Terror, and all this is costing, and it is time the white man pays. The white supremacist neo-nazi fascist scum must pay the world’s debts, and the only help they can expect, is from them darn muslim fundamentalist jihadi ragheads. That is to say; if they can resist getting into the schoolyard scrap the United States of Israel are trying so desperately to instigate between Muslims and the so-called West. “The West” is just another word for White People, whatever your definition of ‘white’ is, and they have been foot soldiers to Capital for many centuries now, but how do the ‘developing nations’ take revenge on an economic theory? They want their revenge, though…