The 3 Laws of Robotics in Modern Terms


  1. A robot may not, by action or inaction, cause harm to a human.
  2. A robot shall obey orders from a human, except where in conflict with Rule 1.
  3. A robot shall protect itself from harm, provided it does not conflict with Rule 1 or 2.


Robots are rapidly evolving, some into vicious killing machines, some are little more than electric bookshelves. Some fly all the way to Afghanistan to bomb little kiddies in their hospital beds. Some robots will fetch any movie or music you command it to, and play it back exactly the way it was played back the first time, over and over…if you are one of the nondividuals who like modern pop music you even have robot orchestras playing your favourite, repetitive, gormless series of structured noises.  Pop music, written on and by computers, are the final proof that robots have no soul. Those music robots are not subject to the Three Laws, and continue to harm our sense of artistic appreciation.

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Conspiracy Theory, Theorists and Montessori educated Truth

Are you a conspiracy theorist? Oy vey. Here is the most important thing about being a conspiracy theorist: you believe in a conspiracy, which literally means, you believe there are persons known or unknown who are plotting against your welfare.  Fine, so you believe people are out to get you. Uh huh. The medical term for that is PARANOIA. It's okay, you are like (apparently one  quarter of us) mentally ill.  It's not your fault, it is a disease of society, one quarter of us need help.  If you have an expensive lawyer, you can even get a judge to agree you are not criminal, you need help.

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Post Truth Populism and Alternate Montessori Truth

The perceived change in world politics has given rise to a small dictionary of vague terminology used to threaten anyone that cannot understand Truth. Normally, truth does not need to hide behind capital letters, but we are talking here about the other kind of truth, Montessori Truth, the kind we derive by voting. Any reality that deviates from Truth, must be False News, because the vote was in favour of a world view that relies on the truth of Truth, as was voted for by the majority. There is only one way we can restore truth,

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a) Government of the people from the people by the people for the people. 

b) The inept chosen by the ignorant to accomplish the unnecessary. 

c) Quadrennial ritual of mass proletarian attendance to a bourgeois popularity contest. 

d) The illusion of public participation in governance, sustained by a quadrennial popularity contest choosing a new bourgeois actor to speak at the proletariat. 

e) A tyranny of ignorance underpinned by a ritualistic quadrennial popularity contest to choose among a select few venal psychophants presented as being representative of the populace. 

f) A ritualistic popularity contest to put fresh faces on the oppressor. Nothing changes anymore, it progresses.


Any activity that promotes the progress towards globalism. All attempts at individualism is contrary to globalism, and is, therefor, unsustainable.

Sport, Politics and the price of I

Professional sports is true democracy:

Behind the scenes, you have a small, exclusive and mostly unknown group of people making millions and millions.
In front, you have a slightly bigger group, playing some useless game to attract the crowds, and earning way too much money for doing nothing productive or of any survival value.
You and I are not only happy to shout and applaud to motivate the players earning more in a day you and I make in a month, we are expected to pay for the glorious priviledge of watching them run around playing with each others' balls!!

Molested children are mindslaves:

The genitals (and for some reason the anus)  is directly wired to the centre of the brain, just "above" the fingertips, toes, nose and other extremities.

By the painful and dominant penetration...

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