Raison de Entre: An election lasts for many days, if you include all the “special” votes and so on. Counting the votes takes a whole day, verifying them takes weeks. American Idol can collect 40 million publically verifiable and auditable votes in three minutes. No-one can hide corruption or vote-stealing on an open internet database.

Imagine a revolution that lasts three weeks and no-one has to die! And afterwards, no-one will ever be able to hijack our society anymore, and nuclear annihilation by foreign financial interests would be our only remaining fear. And weather modification… But that’s another story.

A number of Anarchist sites seem to promote some sort of minimalist government to save what is left of society from the clutches of utter chaos and social degradation and utter anarchy. While they seem to wish that Anarchy is not chaos, they do seem to think it precludes structure. HERE LIES THE RUB WITH WISHY-WASHY THEOREMS; Anarchy is not chaos is not unstructured is not laissez faire. Anarchy as a political system will demand each citizen to take responsibility for their own actions, while ensuring accountability for all actions. WE CAN SEE YOU ON CC TEEVEE! Nothing can be forgiven for some only, nothing can be punished for some only, and nothing, NOTHING, is dependent upon the trustworthiness or otherwise of one single person. No-one has Divine Rights. There is no obeisance to some divinely appointed Hierarchy.

This is the promise of unfettered anarchy; total accountability and free movement of thought, resources, and the immediate sharing of all advances in all fields of human endeavour. For this, we need the technology currently used to spy on us by every entity that can afford to buy the services that spy on us. We might as well make all that information public, and strike a blow against those who seek to monetise and militarise our data.

To be an anarchist, you have to let go of many things, and unlearn many preconceptions, but you do not have to learn any new dogma at all. As a matter of fact, to be anarchist, you cannot be a dogmatist. Dogma is the tool of the scoundrel when suppressing those they deem subservient, subnormal, and subhuman. The first dogma I suggest the budding Anarchist to deny, would be the idea that an anarchist politic implies a lack of central government, or indeed the loss of all government, and we all live in happy little communes without rules and laws, and then we all sniff unicorn farts and pixy dust. This is utter nonsense. We have complex water works, sewers, airports and armies. Do you really think any free society could ever prosper without a strong army to protect it from relentless concerted attacks by the capitalist empire-builders from foreign parts? Anarchy is the lack of hierarchy, the lack of divinely-appointed privilege, not the lack of realism and critical thinking.

Another of these dogmatic weapons is overpopulation. To subscribe to the dogma of world overpopulation, is also the embrace of its apparent solution: eugenics; the culling of unworthy humanoids to make place on earth for the leisure and comfort of the elite. Quantifying the elite is a matter of opinion. Numbers range from 144 000 (fundamentalist Christians) to 300 million (Bill Gates) to 500 million (Arizona stones) to one billion, as some UN documents suggest. The thing with people who believe in eugenics, they all think they will be in the club of those who choose who get to die.

 Rarely, you get the dumb farck that is so well ‘educated’, he actually recognises, even welcomes, his duty to die and let his betters enjoy some peace of mind. For people like those, Anarchy will never make sense. These are the Humanist Abscondists, the ones who have given away their desire to better the world through the sweat of their own brow, the ones who are looking for direction, for leadership, the ones who believe in the Hierarchy. They like to yelp for liberty and death. They also know whose opinion matters, because their standard of truth is but the opinion of those whose opinion they respect, because, to them, only respectable opinions can be true.

Naming your politic as anarchism, unfortunately, will also write its own headlines for the hive-minded drones working for the Press, and indoctrinating the population against you would be even easier than calling you socialist. You must admit, socialism is a terrible swearword amongst the sheeple’s leaders; they have used that smear to justify the outright murder of many a country’s leadership. The entire South American political landscape is one large graveyard of governments overthrown by the CIA in the name of fighting Socialists. Even Socialists hate Anarchy…

Of course, the main dogma that underlies every other political system taught at a modern university, is the dogma of Hierarchy; whomever you think you are, whichever political theory you espouse, you have to know that those who rule you are your betters. Anyone that has ever met a bully will recognise that philosophy, for it forms on the playground, and every system in existence is based on factions of scoundrels and gangs of bullies, each cruising the international playground, looking for lunch money to steal. The only reason on earth they get away with this, is because we are trained from childhood to ‘respect our betters’ and our betters are trained to save costs on the maintenance of their most dangerous natural resource: unchained labourers. Now that the useless eaters have done their job developing, building and perfecting robotics, we are told that we are superfluous and a strain on resources. The elite is hell-bent on killing off all the useless eaters, and have their needs served by nice, clean, hygienic and above all, obedient robots that don’t steal the sugar and fabric softener.

So, if anarchy is not chaos, it means there is structure and justice. Notice I am not promoting order and law. Law and order is what we have now; a law applicable to every citizen in the order of his importance and social ‘grade’. The ‘betters’ are virtually unaffected by the laws that incarcerate and even kill socially less advantaged transgressors. Also, the ‘betters’ get to write, enforce and prosecute whichever law they, in their wisdom, choose to. He pays a lawyer anyway, might as well put one of his apprentices to work suing some jerk who shows no proper respect…

You can shove your law that orders me to obey whatever brain fart you had this morning. Instead, we propose a blind but publically audited distribution of humanitarian functions and benefits, and we also propose that modern infrastructure can exist without having to submit to “Market Forces”. It is the National Infrastructure that creates The Market, otherwise we would be just another third-world country overrun by heavily armed private security firms killing anyone trespassing on the Mine’s property. Don’t shoot at those hired guns, their friends are the UN, they’ll Peace-Keep your ass for sure!

One must be careful not to start writing manifestos, sometimes they are close enough to the truth and then someone with money gets hold of it and corrupts it for his own profit. I find dissonance between the usual writings of Karl Marx, and the Communist Manifesto credited to him. Likewise one must be careful to be clear and concise, which is only possible using dedicated phraseology, and a manifesto that uses words like ‘phraseology’ should rather be written in pencil. Instead of a manifesto, let us offer instead some pointers towards some obvious, inexpensive, and really simple steps from technocratic oligarchy to an open anarchy within a very few weeks. Imagine a revolution that lasts three weeks and no-one has to die! And afterwards, no-one will ever be able to hijack our society anymore, and nuclear annihilation by foreign financial interests would be our only remaining fear. And weather modification… But that’s another story.

So, what is this easy revolution?  A TOTAL LOSS OF PRIVACY IN THE PUBLIC DATA SPHERE. The very well-publicised arguments around personal privacy versus public safety is a false dichotomy kept alive and important by senseless and circular arguments between porn addicts and congenital snitches who exercise their imaginary powers over peoples’ imaginary guilt complexes. The sycophants who believe themselves to be of superior breeding stock, are even trying to ban message encryption on communication devices. Not only is this a naïve attempt at sphincter sucking, it is technically impossible to stop people from encoding messages, you might as well demand they think in a certain language. (Please tell us you did not believe WhatsApp really encrypted your messages beyond covert recovery, do you?)

What we propose is to stop the pretence of privacy on public networks, and use the technology to ensure that our society is served for the benefit of society, and not only ‘high society’. I will gladly give up all legal rights to privacy in public spaces, and in return I want one thing only: Constant, 24/7 live surveillance of all public servants.

This simple act would automatically result in the opening up of the public accounting system, with every single cent of public money accounted for in an open, read-only network, available to any bona fide citizen, at all times. No secrets, no corruption. The arguments against this idea can go on forever, mostly by those who benefit most by the current system of fake secrecy and class-based information access. I am too poor to be considered in the elite’s plans, but I’m not too poor to die in their wars? Pull the other one, Bob. But let us talk about the things uncle Bob whispers to us:

Government is corrupt.

A government as such cannot be corrupt, the people who ‘run’ government get corrupted by someone not accountable to the population. This is done at secret meetings in secret locations at secret times. The obvious problem here is secrecy, so a public servant , for the duration of holding office, may have NO SECRETS.

Government holds secrets of National Security value.

How many secrets are there in a modern government? What information does our Exalted Leader hold that would kill the country? The only secrets they really have, is their own corruption. Every one of them is trying to hold personal crimes from the public. A well informed populace will be free to weigh such a person’s administrative expertise against whatever act they are charged with. A criminal record is not necessarily indication of criminality, it could be just another sad by-product of the law-and-order  approach to justice. Experience has shown psychopaths to be notoriously good managers… Besides, what secret can you store on any device that cannot be hacked by a teenager?

Military secrets?

My gosh, warfare has been privatised to the point where all weapons manufacturers belong to one of three guys. Literally! Every secret weapons programme is designed, built, maintained and lately deployed and operated by private contractors. The only role government plays in war these days, is to hand over the public purse to pay for it. Human lives are acceptable currency in Those circles…

But what about war tactics and such secrets?

The outcomes of the wars, as well as the excuses for starting the wars, are decided well in advance in places like London, New York and Hong Kong. Many countries avoid paying their internationalist war taxes by supplying ‘human resources’ for the war effort. Sometimes these ‘resources’  are soldiers, sometimes they are victims collateral damage. In meetings with international bankers and industrialists and money brokers, in places like Davos and Bilderberg, they meet behind closed doors and sell human flesh by the pound constituency.  The generals serve the government of the day, therefor, they do what those who go to Davos say. Besides, what sane General will share military secrets with a minister of parliament or any other official whatsoever? Only military officers can hold military secrets, the minister of public works stays on a need-to-know basis.

Trade secrets.

In a so-called free market, surely secrecy is counterproductive? So why then are trade agreements kept secret, from the public at least. Those trade rule ‘negotiations’ the public get to hear of, are negotiated and signed with no informed consent of the populace they supposedly serve. Unless you personally obtain real and immediate proof of a secret trade deal that advanced the people living on the resource for as much as 1% of the profits, please allow me to state that trade secrets are kept secret because the public would lynch the bastards who signed on their behalf, 9 times out of eight.

The whereabouts of our leaders should not be broadcast for security reasons.

What security reasons? What is it doing at a night club, beach party or whorehouse? If they need a whore, we will decide how much we are willing to pay how often, and invite it over to your suite in the government complex, where you will live all your term long. No parties in Washington or Hollywood, how the hell does a ruler of a country get time to go to Hollywood parties? As for the lack of privacy with the whore? You signed up for public service, if you want to have privacy, resign and never be allowed to stand for election again, simple. While in office, you have no privacy, ever, because in the service of the nation, you will have no secrets, ever. You can have a whore, but no secrets.

This will move corrupt meetings down the ladder

A slightly revised corruptocleptocracy involving management at industrial level, kicking back up to government officials after they leave office? This already happens, it is called “revolving-door-politics”. This still requires secret dealings, so the obvious solution is to wire ALL public servants. A public servant is anyone in public service, and every public servant shall be appointed by suffrage. Is that the correct term? Every public employee will be employed after popular vote. All hiring, firing, performance evaluation, disciplinarian issues and dismissals, shall happen after popular vote. Also, any entity that does business with my government, must abide by the same open public audit process. If you want tax money, then show us your books!

Contracts have non-disclosure clauses that must be obeyed

First of all, non-disclosure in the public domain is merely the smoke off unearned riches burning a hole in someone’s pocket. Without secret meetings, there remains nothing to disclose. Not only does a government have no excuse to deal in secret, I object to them dealing with suppliers who keep secrets. If you want a government contract, then open your books. If you have secrets to keep in your accounting, you are not eligible for public funding.

So, to sum up, anarchy is a viable political system, provided we glue a 24/7/365 camera to every public servant’s forehead, strap a microphone to its throat, and implant a tracking device in its ass for as long as we decide to keep it in office, with immediate dismissal by public vote at the drop of a hat.

That is the way we will have nobody thinking itself better than anybody else. That is the way to freedom and Anarchy: open the data up, let us all see what you bin hidin’, ‘cos we no longer believe your lies about Bin Ladin, and gas ovens, and terrorists with airplanes and eternal economic growth. You certainly ain’t gonna tell us you deserve to rule me like I’m scum because of some divine appointment or godly heritage that makes you more human than me. I am an Anarchist, I denounce your Hierarchy, a hierarchy of murderous thieves who hate humanity and wishes to eradicate us as useless eaters.

Your king was not anointed by any god I recognise, so we are all An-Archos, devoid of divine leadership in government, we are all born into Anarchy. Claim your existential rights under that system of a free humanity, unencumbered by religious superstition and economics theories, not beholden to priests or bankers. Anarchy is not chaos, but those who claim divine rights, rightly see in Anarchy the gaping mouth of Hell under their collective feet, a burning pit fired by the imaginations of billions of free human minds.

This is why they are drugging, poisoning and entertaining us into oblivion: There is no place for imagination in a Hive, there is no personality in a Hive, there is no free choice in a Hive. Every Hive has one Royal Presence, and all effort is spent on assuring the continued existence of that Royal Presence. All Effort is Spent on the Royal Presence. Can you see yet, why they hate Anarchy? The flames of individual freedom is burning under their feet, they know it, and their technology is the only thing standing between their murderous thievery and their just deserves.

Open up all public records, and so open up the burning pits of Hell under the feet of our corrupt political class. Deny their Hierarchy, embrace Anarchy, and take public responsibility.


Being cool is not about what you do, it is about what you do not do. There is not a single action in this world that is cool. Not every action is uncool, but there are no cool actions. Only dorks and drama queens try to be cool by doing the cool things that cool people do. Skiing in the Alps? That’s cool, if you like that sort of thing, and you happen to be in the Alps, and you have free time, and there’s nothing more productive to do, yeah, skiing in the Alps can be cool, but no amount of Alpine snow-sports will ever make you cool. There is not a sport in this world that can make you cool. It can make you famous, which is cool, it can make you rich, which is cool, it can damage your spine and crack your kneecaps, that’s cool… if you get the fame and fortune for it. But being a sports hero is not cool, it is just a job, a rather specialised and somewhat unproductive job the world could do just fine without, but it is a cool job, if you can get it; advertising clothes and gear, testing the latest performance enhancing drugs for efficacy and detectability by anti-doping agencies, playing Guinea pig for surgeons glad for living cadavers to practice battlefield surgery upon in peacetime, cool.

Coolth is never vested in a thing, an action or a word. You get cool by NOT making fun of the cripple kid. You earn coolth by NOT bullying, NOT stealing, NOT being an ass. Coolth is exclusively about things you do not do. Any attempt to be cool, is uncool. Trying to look cool, dress cool, talk cool, all of that is pretence, which is totally uncool.

The latest high-tech toy is the coolest thing ever, and we know it, because we saw pictures of cool people telling us about this cool new cool thing. How did they become cool? They applied for a job where people spend their time making them look cool, now they have this cool job where they have to do nothing but stand in front of cameras, looking cool, wearing cool tech, and cool fashion, at cool camera angles, and they hang out with cool people. How do they know who the cool people are? Their studio people tell them what to say when they get to where the studio is taking them at the moment, usually somewhere expensive to make it look cool. Do you know how much it cost to have Justin Bieber “spontaneously party with friends” at a specific club? They are paid to appear in places where we can see all the people we were told is cool, hang out together, being cool. At some point, they all applied for that job, in an industry that depends on you believing things are cool when they say it is.

Acting on the word of people whose job it is to imitate coolth, everybody around you now want to prove how cool they are by owning the coolest stuff, promoted by the coolest people, using the coolest new cool words while hanging out in the latest in cool places…

If you’re cool with that, what more can I say?

There are articles on this site that –very inexpertly- try to convey the idea of holistic existentialism. By this we think we mean to promote a world-view where each of us saves the world by taking responsibility for our own choices, and take cause with anyone trying to limit those choices. Giving me twenty varieties of breakfast cereal does not constitute choice, when all of them are contaminated by the same hormonal disruptor, made of the same GMO seeds, and liberally sprinkled with anything addictive but legally unchallenged. Most modern medicine is perpetrated with the same mind-set, and here is the best part of it: those addictive poisons in your food? It comes from the same hands as the extremely addictive, extremely harmful, and murderously psychotic cocktail of anti-anxiety and anti-ADDHDADHHDAD medication we are feeding the children these days. Millions of children too young to grow armpit hair are on psychotomimetic pills, prescribed drug-trips for kiddies, how nice. But this article is about something a lot less unfunny, sometimes even Acoïtheist Anarchists have good news:

If you drop food, you can still eat it if you manage to pick it up within three seconds, or five, if you’re real hungry. At least, that is the folksy wisdom we have come to love ridiculing. Since we have contracted that other disease, the one that causes responsibility for our health to fall upon the wise and profitable shoulders of the health care industry, things must surely have changed? Consider the many, many cleaning products out there that promises to kill all known germs, and considering how well they have been selling for so long, surely we can consider it safe to eat off the floor by now? It would surely save money on those expensive dishwasher detergents that kills 99,9 percent of all known germs. Maybe we should douse the entire planet in the best-selling brand of germicidal hand-rub, then we can eat whatever we want off any surface we like. Or we can forget all those murderous promises and use a bit of common sense? Let us examine that three-second rule from up close, the Old People survived without special soaps and wet paper towels in sterile bottles.

Imagine yourself as a clear glass of water. Now imagine a small red crystal dropping into that glass of water; see it sink, leaving behind a wispy dissolving trail. Maybe it is something denser that sinks quickly, lying there, slowly spreading a blob of colour along the bottom of the glass. What if it is something really reactive, that bursts out in bubbles, or it spins and careens along the top of the water as it reacts and mixes from above. Imagine you are a clear, clean glass of water, and you have just taken a pill: what is going on inside that sack of skin you call a body, that consists of almost nothing but water? Where is your little chemical bomb going to land, exactly? Should you not at least try find out first? Oh, but you can’t, even if you had the training, digging for ‘trade secrets’ is illegal. If you had right to this knowledge, it would have been given to you as part of your equitable education. Health issues are better left to professionals, take this pill and call me in the morning.

The strangest idea that has ever contaminated the mind of man, it is the idea of a division between body and soul. The famous duality between thinking with the mind or with the heart? Don’t know, we just go with our gut! As it turns out, not everything we eat, is absorbed, but everything is reported. Ingesting vitamins mostly does not raise vitamin levels in the blood, yet they often produce the effects as if they do. It turns out the gut is lined with neurons… that’s right, the stuff that is supposed to make us think? They are all over the gut, and the liver, and the kidneys, and every other organ! Every single sub-organism in you, contains its own neural network, independent of all other networks, but with connections to central communications points, often in the head. Your tummy’s neuro-receptors recognises the ‘vitamin’ as a brain cell receptor recognises a hormone, and voila, the rest of the system responds appropriately! Suddenly, it is not crazy to treat debilitating diseases, like Parkinson’s, polio, autism and reportedly even schizophrenia by supplementing the diet. In reality, of course, the disease originates in the corrupted diet, so ‘supplementing the diet’ is just a professional’s expensive version of “eat your vegetables”. Extracts and concentrates and ‘active ingredients’ will never replace a proper diet. Supplements and super-foods and detoxing is not a useful health strategy. Also, if foodstuffs can be shown to solve disease, then, conversely, certain things we eat are poisonous without even entering the bloodstream. The lesson here is that species-appropriate food is better than rubbish plus supplements. Natural Living tries to solve health issues, not medicate health problems.

Let us say you sprain an ankle. To carry on with your day, you pop a few pain tablets, the foot feels nothing, you carry on with life, and after a few doses, the foot is okay again. The reason you hurt your foot has not been resolved, and while you were hopping along, high on tablets, you probably stressed an already bruised body part even more. Nobody likes pain, and the pill was a quick fix for that, but how did you sprain that ankle? The foot is built to withstand great stresses, yet you managed to exceed those limits, and hurt yourself. The Natural way would use the pain as a guide to figure out what went wrong, then correct the behaviour that led to injury. Favouring  or re-posturing the foot, walking slower, maybe a crutch or some rest, anything that helps without chemical aid should be tried first. This does unfortunately mean some, even a lot of discomfort, but once the foot is healed, it is healed, and you are unlikely to repeat the mistake. Pain tablets, on the other hand, numbs the pain, the brain dulls, the foot is forced to repeat whatever action hurt it, and next time you will just take a slightly higher dose for “this foot’s giving me problems”. You solved nothing for your foot, your brain has been numbed, your kidneys, liver, guts and limbic system are all polluted, and as an added bonus, you probably already have a low-grade addiction to your favourite pain medication, or even better, you get those pills from Mary in the office that she ‘gets from her doctor’, that stuff really works! Don’t you just wish you had one now? Or maybe it is time to address your stumbling, and how it fits in with the rest of your ‘lifestyle’.

Taking up the Natural lifestyle costs a bit in time and effort. For the rest of your life, you have to peer at every food package to see a label of ingredients. You will constantly be looking for little farm stalls and itinerant vendors. You are now the crazy one at the supermarket sniffing at melons and listening to cheeses. Every shop and pharmacy out there can sell you a cartload of ‘naturalness’. It’s Natural this and Organic that, it is Free Range and Fair Trade, it is Renewable and Sustainable, Scientifically Formulated and Specifically Beneficiated, it is expensive and most of it is just as worthless as all the other worthless, contaminated crud they smear off on us. Whatever ‘Superfood’ you buy, ten gives you one it was made of ingredients cultivated under or next to ‘comprehensive pest management’ conditions. There are a very few exceptions, but as a rule of thumb for those living the ‘Western Lifestyle’, even mother’s milk is universally contaminated enough to be considered toxic.

So that is GREENPETS Natural Living for you: Hunting for clean sources of food, while trying our darnest to rid our environment of toxic contaminants. Although we have a growing library of helpful herbs in our GREENPETS HERBAL, we are not going to recommend any of them as cure for anything. ”Let your food be your medicine, let medicine be your food.” We include a KRITTERS section about various animals we keep, how we keep them, and most importantly, what we feed them. We regularly… er… we often sometimes publish new commentaries on newsworthy advances in human knowledge. We have the occasional pleasure of announcing a new technique or protocol developed by GREENPETS, which you may find useful or at least entertaining. Mostly, though, because of the nature of the attack on our food chain, a great many articles will be to alert you to dangers advertised as consumer products and services. Also, instead of populating this site with more and more links to other websites, mostly just more commentary on someone else’s original work, we tend to update existing articles to reflect the latest state of consciousness. Come back occasionally to see if things make more sense now… Sometimes we just edit articles to remove ‘big words’, we are here to inform, maybe entertain, never preach or pretend. If you cannot use one of our articles to explain any process in real life to a 5-year-old in five minutes, we either have not published that article yet, or it needs to be rewritten, better, let us know.

There is a section, if you dig deep enough, where we allow our contributors some bile and anger, provided the anger is aimed at causes and reasons, not people or their characters. For now, we stay nice and friendly, and we try to find positive solutions to our collective problem; somebody wants to eradicate us by poisoning our food chain. Oh, and the poisons of mindless infotainment and tailored propaganda aimed at the mind, the mind, that most precious thing, the mind? You won’t believe the sophistication they claim for themselves when they think they are programming the collective Mind. Global Warming is just another intellectual poison, continuing the education of the young along the lines of their complicity in overpopulating the world and undeservedly leeching off their betters, the Capitalist Exceptionalists. Somebody has to say something, anything, they are relying on our silence, because legally, silence is consent. Do you consent to the destruction of life as we know it, or will you also try adapting your lifestyle to your nature?

We also brew beer, check out the MALLUNER BIERERY section, where we spend a lot of time washing things, watching things boil or pump or soak or just sit there dripping, then washing them again, and in between we hang out and play the blues. That’s also where we find the terrible free-verse ditties along the margin of some pages.

May you be a continued source of happiness in this world, and we hope your visit to our site will be of some value to somebody.

I have a friend with 40 cattle. He also owns goats, chickens, pigs and a few hectares under cultivation. The rest of his land is filled with all sorts of fruit trees. He has no cell phone or television, but he does have three wives, fifteen healthy, happy, productive children…okay, you got me, his one son is a bit of a scoundrel, but hey, whoever you are, I know you got one in your family, too. I visited Johnathan the other day. It is a long drive, but the detour is for my own pleasure.

When there is total traceability, there is no deniability. Much evil not perpetrated in this world is purely because of our fear of being caught. Much private perversion is averted by the thought of divine retribution. We do good mainly because we are afraid to go to hell. From Santa to Jesus, from Jehovah to Big brother, the fear of being seen to do right or wrong has always outweighed any sense of civic duty we may or may not possess. Feeding a beggar in silence is your civil duty, being seen to offer bread to a beggar raises your social profile.

In this way, the internet can replace both the all-seeing God and Santa, but only if everyone signs up. Everyone. Most importantly, we need to see the government’s computers, justice, law enforcement (until disbanded and replaced by Public Safety) and of course all centres of procurement and contracts. All contracts, which we shall eventually referendumise-ateify. That means we ratify every single order on public monies via referendum. Impossible? If a television studio can hold a talent competition, and collect fourteen million verifiable, traceable and auditable votes in three minutes, just think what we can do on a Government network designed for the purpose? Forty million auditors, working for free and mahala, looking into every corner to see where their tax money is going to. All it takes is one server, read-only, open to the public on one side, and the other side, every government record every second of every day, uploaded as the official’s office-desk computer or tablet or phone registers the transaction. Immediately available for verification, comment and open authorisation by known and elected officials. If you do nothing in secret, it becomes difficult to be dishonest.

Let’s face it, there are no secrets anymore. GREENPETS have endured decades of ridicule for suggesting that Microsoft is a government tool, secretive and authoritarian, with ambitions of total control and delusions of adequacy. Bill Gates and Intel captured the entire computer industry right in the open, by pretending to fight patent lawsuits in the late eighties and early nineties. Only those who subscribe to the depopulation of earth are allowed to manufacture hardware, and all software has to be ‘compatible’ with that corrupted hardware. There is no secret on any Microsoft or Intel computer that cannot be extracted by someone with the needed knowledge. Frankly, any information from any computer anywhere can be had by paying a teenager sitting in his mother’s basement to exploit the avenues built into the system of every computer sold today. These are not design faults or ‘bugs’, they are deliberately designed to allow access to your device by those with the right tools, and the only computer security issue being attended to, is how to stop aforementioned teenager from using the same techniques. The answer seems to be draconian laws and psychotic policing, the hallmark of those who insist on us having no secrets. Fixing the hardware and software would, of course, be impossible, likely to cause as much life-threatening chaos as the Millennium Bug, and we know how many people died that time, oh, the humanity!

Let them have our data, they buy and sell it amongst themselves anyway. Clean up your porn habits, stop uttering and swearing, learn to relax before you click the Comment button, and be aware of legal repercussions. They know it all anyway, They always have, and as soon as They have enough robots, They will have those robots de-radicalise our butts. The only fight worth having on the issue of electronic privacy, is that one little spotty nerd in Mommy’s basement: If any and all information is there for the buying, can we please stop this nonsense about National Security and open all government computers, have all the information available on a read-only server, and then we all can see how honest and hardworking our Great Leaders are. Military secrets, yes, not secret funding of military secrets. The police gets to keep no secrets, they are supposed to be civilian.

Forty million auditors, combing through every single public record, looking where their tax money went, and flagging suspicious activity for all to see, officialdom to explain, and money transfers to be halted. Who can ask for a more honest and open, accountable and transparent society anywhere? The technology exist, the need exists, all that is missing, is for the porn addicts to stop arguing the spies, or at least for us to stop listening to such drivel, and demand our government uses the computer spying tools they already have to help us all.

The only person on earth who could possibly think this a bad idea, would be some Mafia type criminal that makes his living stealing unsuspecting people’s money. Only a career criminal would insist on keeping his actions secret and his income away from the eyes of Law and Society. Only a vicious criminal would insist on his right to make money at the cost of an entire region’s health and wellness, spending money on armoured cars instead of school books. Only a murderous thief would cut funding from a municipal clinic to buy a statue of some politician to stand in front of Town Hall. Only a despicable gangster would spend more of our public money on bodyguards than on education.

So, what does your local politician say about opening up the Municipal Accounts? In 2016 the budget for Education was 340 million. The VIP Protection unit was budgeted at 1,3 billion, but They ended up spending 5,5 billion. I am not aware of any budget expansion for Education. Also, in the 2017 economic cycle, the economy apparently grew, necessitating the broadening of the tax base. This means, because the Economy grew, we have to pay more taxes. Not tax, but taxes, new taxes for new things, things that were not taxed before, because the economy grew, and the government needed more “money to serve the Economy, so we have to broaden the tax base.” Really? The economy grew, but, not only did I and everyone around me get poorer, but somehow we have to pay more taxes to support this growth?



The weather has been a constant source of concern and surprise for as long as humans have gathered to shoot the breeze. It is the one subject that will attract comment and furrow-browed expert opinion from just about any person on this planet. The weather –or seeming lack of enough of a particular type of weather- is the universal conversation starter in all cultures in all circumstances. Weather is the basic unit of small talk.

Climate change is not a myth. Anyone old enough to say things like “I remember when that used to cost only…” is old enough to complain about how the weather is not what it used to be. The weather has been changing forever, and there are at least a million reasons why it should and will. Climate Science as presented to the public, however, is so much hogwash, unsupported theories by charlatans who call themselves scientists, paid-for excuses to blame Joe Public for deliberate and globally-scaled atmospheric manipulation projects wreaking havoc with our health and welfare.

At Greenpets, we have been hating and anti-preaching corn syrup for ages. We knew not why, but we empirically understood one thing: whenever we try talk to diabetics and their families, they think honey is sugar. Also, and this is where we started suspecting medical fraud on grand scale, these people were deathly afraid of feeding their kids fruit, because “it’s got too much fructose, that’s bad for diabetics”. Now, forgive us for being stupid, but fructose is a simple sugar. The whole thing of diabetes is a problem of converting complex sugars into simple ones, certainly, eating fructose bypasses the problem? No, fructose is bad, the doctor said so, and we know. These are the same doctors who tell them type2 diabetes is inherited. We know, you learn eating crap from your parents. Then we saw the ingredient labels increasingly listing something called high-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup? What that?

During his election campaign, Donald Trump promised to overturn ‘ObamaCare’ within his first ten days of tenure. Not only did his eventual action take much longer, it is, by all accounts, no different for the poor folk. America’s health care system is notoriously unhelpful, while being the most expensive in the world. True, they have some of the best machines and techniques, but only if you can afford it. It is in the nature of Globalist economics that less people can afford enough food every day. The American health care system has been replaced by health insurance services supplied by investor-driven banking corporations. The biggest investor, JP Morgan, has recently gathered some notables to explain the dangers inherent in the new gene therapy technology emerging, with single-shot cures for a almost any disease you can think of. The meeting was called to point out the negative effect that effective treatments would have on the continued growth of profits in the pharmaceutical and health care industries. Disease makes a lot of money, and curing disease would be disastrous to the economy, so I guess we are stuck with expensive quackery for a while longer…

Super Foods and Super Profits and Super Gullibility and Super-Just-Eat-Properlies…and now vitamins help Scizophrenia.

Which is your favourite Super-food? Some exotic berry from Watapaloosa, some rare grass from Groyndjingfjort? Maybe that new sweet-potato from just west of GMO Gully? At GREENPETS, we grow just regular stuff. Super foods must be for super people, and we are just ordinary home-grown organic plebs. No GMO in these veins, or beds, orchards and fields. We eat food, normal food, and we try to avoid preservatives and over-processed gunk. Super Foods? Super profits on hyped-up marketing claims. Super foods fall into the same category as cancer cures; it fails miserably to solve the manufactured problem as advertised. The nutritional crisis of the world is not going to be solved by ever-more exotic  supplements at ever-increasing prices.

There is one Super-food; a Balanced Diet. A balanced diet of fresh food. The latest wonder-supplement will treat your psychosis: taurine! Just the other day we decided it is not such a bright idea to use taurine as supplement, for those who thought it a good idea to start with. Taurine is an amino acid. Amino acids build genes, genes build RNA and DNA, which builds proteins, which builds organisms…there is a lot of taurine in the average living organism. Just saying…

The same argument holds for vitamins and minerals, I guess. The nutritional hurdle is death. Once the organism dies, taurine is just an amino acid. When the amino acid partakes in the ordered existence of a conscious being, such as any living cell, it is not a static ‘thing’ hanging somewhere in space and time. It is a very complex chemical-spatial arrangement with some motility. This image must be repeated a billion times to get an idea of one small section of a cell. The moment you take that enzyme from its living environment, it ceases to be an enzyme, it becomes a static arrangements of molecules, an arrangement of a type labelled ‘amino acids’ for recording purposes.

Some foods are indeed ‘richer’ in this vitamin or that, this trace mineral or that, but if you line up all your so-called superfoods, one for every mineral you think you need, you may find there is much more than you can eat. If you had to run after every ‘super’ food, you would never stop eating. In the end, a regular, balanced selection of fruits, vegetables and greens, in season, should do you well. A little meat is nice, but the fat is actually what you need. Meat is ‘rich’ in protein, but so are many legumes, nuts and grains. Amino acids, as discussed above, are best obtained from live organisms, putting you at the mercy of greens. A leaf can stay alive for days after being picked; the average reaction to taking a bite out of a live cow involves the Law. Just saying…

So, instead of telling me about super-foods, hyper-additives and wonder supplements, rather tell me where the nearest farm co-op or fresh vegetable market is. Oh, on the other side of my province? Actually the adjacent two provinces’ markets are closer to me. I could go to my local veggie shop, for some mass-produced, nutritionally worthless dead matter that could either be the stuff the supermarkets did not want, or the leftovers flown in from that big farm in the desert. It certainly is limp and tasteless, which is why we started growing our own. Farming is not really in our blood, it is hard work and steep learning curves, most literature is aimed at producing tons of the watery stuff described above. It is about disastrous crop infestations and crippling flock infections, organic farming is, especially if you know nothing to start with.

We are fully aware that farming in the kitchen is a nonsense idea. There are still a few people around who can actually farm, and we better get them to teach us, for they are getting old, very old. Factory farming in faraway places is not going to feed us. They will stuff us with dead proteins and rendered fats and refined sugars until we are bloated and cancer-ridden and they will not stop until we have spent our last red cent on medical help that is designed to serve a product to clients. If we are what we eat, then these days, we are genetically modified, vitamin-enriched, roundup-ready chemistry sets living off dead organic matter imported all the way from the Big Farm at great cost. Expensive, zombies, that’s what we are…or rather, zombies with ever-more expensive tastes in dead food.

An easy recipe for a passable skin cream

Collect Aloe Vera gel as described in the HERBAL. The amount of gel you collect determines the quantities that follow:

Half as much aqueous cream. Choose any brand you are comfortable with, we recommend you research some of the additives on the labels. Avoiding them is an exercise worthy of any holist, but everything comes at a price.

Water, distilled battery water is okay, also half as much as you have aloe gel.

Put all this into a liquefier that has been sterilised with a bleach solution. Let it run at top speed until everything turns into a stiff cream. Bottle in sterile container, use like any other cream.

This cream contains no preservatives, and will last one week. Microwaving the cream, then re-emulsifying it once cooled down, extends life but is still not as effective as the commercial cocktails we are trying to avoid. The cream, however, covers extremely well, and draws into the skin with minimal or no oiliness, adjustable by putting more or less cold cream into the mix.

The odour is that of green plant and whatever your commercial cream smells like, but both odours seems to dissipate quickly.

While we make no claims or promises for this cream, it sure works well to sooth irritable skin and it is gentle on rashes and soft skin, especially thóse areas. Research on turning this into a beauty product continues, for now it is just a healthy clean skin cream, provided you choose the aqueous cream well.

Treating skin wounds start by diagnosing the problem. For this reason, we may divide this article into subsections according to diagnoses, or causes, or skin symptoms of a vast variety. Instead we will divide our treatments into two types: Dry wounds and wet wounds. Dry wounds may be distinguished by the fact that they are not festering or oozing some goo. Bleeding from a fresh wound is considered as ‘dry’. Dry wounds are best kept clean and dry and well aired. Fresh dry wounds have a fairly well proven protocol:

Clean the wound immediately. No matter how bad it is bleeding, sometimes blood is the only liquid available for getting debris out the wound. All other attempts to repair damage will be negated by the festering of dirt inside a bandaged wound. The most bestest substance to wash a wound with was and is always water. Clean water, but the stuff they feed you through your house’s taps will do in an emergency. If the wound is still bleeding by this time, you need serious help. Start by applying pressure, not a tourniquet.

Finding the right point to press may take some time, but if the wound is bleeding badly, there must be a large vein open, which can be closed down by pressing it shut before it exits the wound. This should allow time for further treatment. At GREENPETS, this implies you are reaching for the Sphagnum Moss. Some of our friends and colleagues who have seen us demonstrate the efficacy of this stuff, refer to it as Magic Moss. Cover the wound liberally in the moss. This will soak up blood and keep the wound uninfected.

Here be some warning about using sphagnum moss: you are obviously in distress (wounded) and depending upon the severity of you wound, on your way to find medical assistance. When you approach a trained professional with a wound stuffed with something that looks like mud, you will be treated as an idiot. Also, the quick healing of a wound bandaged with moss necessitates very quick secondary treatment to prevent scars. In other words, as soon as the wound stops bleeding, you have to remove every last bit of moss, and get stitched up. If not, the gaping wound will heal quickly and cleanly, but with a wider scar than if it got stitched.

Sphagnum Moss is easily removed from a wound by gentle splashing with water. That’s it, it comes off very easily, and it simultaneously scrubs the wound of other small debris. Keeping the wound bandaged with moss instead of other salves, ointments and concoctions, will keep your wound breathing clean healing air, while soaking up any fluids that may ooze, which would otherwise irritate surrounding skin. Also, changing bandages becomes less yucky with those funny pussy fluids of normal treatments, except that the dried moss may fall like potting soil all over, the slightest breeze scatters it. What’s left on the wound just rinses off, remember. Good luck sweeping the carpet, though…

Then, there are the wet wounds. An example would be the patch of skin torn off your knee in the parking lot football game. Fresh wet wounds are treated like dry wounds, and if you gone done it proper, it should not become a wet wound. After cleaning the wound, which should be easier and less bloody work than a deep cut, the wound can be covered in the juice of Sourfig. This will disinfect and also dry into a thin protective payer. Keep the wound clean and breathing, with regular applications of Sourfig. Instructions for the correct application of sourfig can be found at the Sourfig Herbal Page.

Once the wound has dried nicely, and can be kept open and free, a generous layer of Aloe Vera can be applied. This will quickly dry into a thin, soft, pliable protective layer over the skin. This will keep the wound clean, protect the new scar tissue against light and stress, reducing or even preventing scarring after the wound heals. There is no reason to stop applying Aloe after the wound has healed; keep it up until you are sure there is no more improvement in the appearance of the scar. This is not cosmetic surgery, scar tissue means healing, but scar tissue is new-born baby skin, it should be treated no more harshly than you would a new-born baby’s skin. Sunburn turns a fresh, treatable scar into permanent disfigurement.

For old, green, festering wounds, things become tricky; people with such wounds very often have given up trying to find ‘anything that works’. Sometimes the cause is financial, or just a question of access. In all cases, the wound is old, which means the patient has sorta gotten used to living with the wound. This may or may not mean that they will co-operate. By this time, any offer of help will surely be met with scepticism, as ‘everyone has already tried’. You first task is to get past the hopelessness.  Both the refusal of help and the demand for immediate results to prove your competency must be taken in the context of a desperate person who has obviously ‘tried everything’.  Do not get pulled into the despair, because the next step will surely need your energy more:

Getting past the green smell of an old wound is no walk in the park. All living organisms retreat from its own kind if it stinks of death. Breathe not too deeply of the death-smell, it has effects more than just wrinkling your nose. Kind begets kind, remember. Next, you must convince the patient that the thing needs cleaning. Any skins and scabs and things on the surface has to be removed, with repeated washing with water, clean water, sterile water if you can. A good soak in salt water may be helpful, otherwise repeated sponging or brushing. If available, make a tea of one or more, preferably all the following: Lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary. These are available in most urban neighbourhoods as garden plants, and in shops as cooking herbs. GREENPETS prefer their tea herbals fresh, purely by reason of knowing exactly what we have in hand. Scrub the wound clean with this tea, convince the patient to keep washing the wound thusly, and also have the patient drink the tea twice a day as systemic support to aid healing. Cold sores and open ulcers respond well to this treatment.

After cleaning an old green wound of all putrefied matter, disinfect with sourfig. Dust with moss and bandage if needed. At all cost avoid getting a wound all sweaty and fermenting. The trick is to keep the wound open to air while keeping infection out, and bacterial infectors are microscopic.

For wounds where scarring would be cosmetically disastrous, keep your treatment to first aid, get the patient to professional help, and try rinse off the moss before you send them in. The good doctors will do the expensive things needed to prevent any prettiness escaping through the laceration. Trust me, you do not want to be saddled with the accusations that you ruined a pretty thing. They will only remember the scar, not the gratitude for saving their life or limb. If the good doctor kills them, that’s life, if you scar them, you are an evil incompetent, beware their lawyers.

You cannot deny the urge, the urge that brings even Superman to his knees. Then, you sit down, and nothing happens. Some people have real difficulty getting going, and worst of it all is, the harder it gets, the harder it becomes, until you feel like stuffed death. If it gets real bad, your breath can start smelling real shitty, but mostly constipation leads to discomfort, then nausea, then toxic overdose and progressive disaster and flatulence. Pooping is not just for any a-hole, and modern life is making it harder.

Some people spend more time on potty training their dog than they spend on their own digestive system. As other articles on this site point out, the digestive tract is a conscious entity, containing not only its own neuro-receptors, but also communicating with the brain on a dedicated communication channel, so to speak. Your health, your wellness, your mood, your very character is directly influenced by the goings-on inside that long, squiggly hole between your lips and your toilet bowl. Not pooping right can give you a shitty disposition…

Also, falling behind in the business of your behind, is sure to tax your liver, giving rise to lethargy and nausea, in other words, feeling shitty. If you keep this going for a long time, your health will definitely take a knock, and there is also a solid-looking theory that constipation, if allowed to ferment, sends a farty bubbly up your spine, to your brain, where it gives rise to shitty ideas. This may or may not be true, but why risk it, right? So take a dump every day, early as possible, before breakfast, and everything should be all right. Of cause, you are reading this because you are having issues and hoping we got some usable advice, so let’s get to it:

Are you drinking enough water? Dehydration can cause your waste to compact and harden slightly. Even more important is greens. Are you eating greens? You really should, and fruit also helps a lot to loosen the tummy. A waking-up coffee helps to get the day going, if you take my meaning. Make it a strong one, it really helps. Beyond coffee there is a variety of commercial help, none of which is beneficial in the long run. After fixing your diet, water intake and getting addicted to coffee, there is one more bit of advice to depart, the real reason for this article: Are you pooping in the right posture?

Here is the thing about sitting down and dropping the load: all modern toilets are made to standard. This may mean your toilet seat is not at the optimal height for your body to have a goodly poopy. First of all, do not hunch. Do not lean forward and squat on your own lap. Sit up straight, your back should not bend. Put something (like a brick) under your feet, so your knees are higher than your bum. I bet the Muslims have it very comfortably, I’ve seen their loos at petrol stations; like squatting over a hole in the bush. You don’t get much better than that, let me tell you! So, sit up straight, lift your knees a little, and BREATHE! This is very important, stop pushing your poop out by force; it just causes more stress to an already unhappy system. All the necessary force needed to evacuate the bowels comes from the diaphragm pushing from above. All other forms of ‘pushing’ compresses the guts in an unhealthy and counterproductive way, actually closing the passage down, rather than just loosening up and letting go.

Another thing is that the bladder also plays a part. When the bladder is very full, it constricts the faeces. When you are overstuffed in your poopchannel, your bladder cannot void. This builds into the classic bathroom emergency. Another thing you can try is to get up. No, really, you are stuck anyway, it’s not like it’s gonna all fall out suddenly, so get up, shake a leg, maybe do a squat or two. This often gets things going rather quickly, so don’t pull your pants up and be ready to sit down suddenly.  The chances of pooping before you had a pee, by the way, are little.

The order should be as follows: A slight pee to top off the worst pressure, if needed, then the bowels should be free to move, and  then you know you’re done when you have one last, good pee. Any deviation from this is bound to lead to trouble later. Try not to pinch things off in any manner or way, do not push, pull, pucker or whatever, just sit up straight, lift your knees , breathe deeply, and relax all the muscles in your body. It may also help to blow your nose, the internal pressure caused by a vigorous honk can be very helpful. If needed, get up and shake the body a bit, in a relaxation-exercise kind of way. Avoid stress, tension and forcefulness. These things, like medication and laxatives, may help in the short run, but in the end it just worsens the problem, and that’s a shitty idea, don’t you stink?

Cold sores are better prevented than cured. Never kiss anyone showing cold sores, do not con other people to kiss you while your infection is flaring up.

Cold sores are actually lesions caused by herpes viruses. Sometimes, when your immune system is under stress, a virus may overcome your defences and cause an area of soft tissue to become inflamed. Left to grow, it will eventually burst to the surface as a roundish, flat, wet, oozing wound. This sore may be an ugly reddish purple blotch just outside your mouth, or it might open inside your mouth, a swollen sensitive burning bump that keeps getting in the way of your teeth. This is usually how you discover the darn thing; biting your own inner lip to shreds.

Your first duty, as with all injuries, is to clean up the site. The outside is simple enough: you wash your entire face, because the fluids coming off that sore has a habit of infecting more places. Now seal up the wound with Sourfig, as follows:

Break a finger off the sourfig plant, lightly squeeze the torn end to produce some free juice, then lightly dab the sore with the juicy end, ONCE. Carefully nip off the open end of the leaf, because it is infected. Squeeze again for juice, dab once on the sore, covering more of the wound, nip off the leaf. Repeat this until the entire wound, and at least half a centimetre around it, is covered in a thick layer of juice. This will quickly harden into a clear, invisible skin that is not only disinfectant, but will keep all sorts of dirt off the wound, preventing scars.

Blisters inside the mouth are somewhat more difficult. First, do your best not to bite the sore continuously. Secondly, keep your mouth clean of al sugars and starch, that is what fungus eat and thrive on. The good news is that your body replaces the inner lining of your mouth extremely quickly, so scrub that thing clean, then keep your mouth clean, and the saliva should eat that blister away within a day, two at most. Of course, eating right, with proper nutrition, and lots of fresh fruit and greens to scrub the mouth is important.

Once the wound is clean and dry, you next step is to recharge your immune system. You will know your immunity has increased when the cold sore starts clearing up. The more you do to restore your health and wellness, the quicker the ugly thing will disappear. Wellness is about eating right, drinking plenty clean water, productive exercise, such as fetching on foot what you usually start the car for, or weeding the garden yourself, or just fixing the kid’s bike. Being productive is good for the human soul, and wellness includes happiness. Cold sores are as likely to appear in times of emotional stress as in times of physical weakness. Once again; wellness is about eating, drinking and working clean. What you eat, your state of electrolytic mobility (hydration) and your activities have immediate and provable effects upon your brain, hormones and psyche, while the condition of your psyche has no other manifestation than your physical body and what you accomplish with it. We are what we eat…


Athlete’s Foot is a terrible disfigurement and disgusting pestilence. There are many creams available, some more expensive than others, many of them actually work. The sad part, as always with industrial medicaments, is that the ‘better’ it works, the more likely something in there is not good for the body as a live ecosystem, a holistic whole. Anti-fungal medications are, by definition, deadly to fungi. The fungus family is well represented in the body, irreplaceably intertwined with the collective consciousness that forms the corpus humanus. The indiscriminate killing of fungi in the human body is never a good idea, and may lead to mental aberrations later on, like recurring feelings that life would be better if some young man kicks a ball at some target during some weekly ritual or another.

Luckily, the body comes with its own cure for athlete’s foot: a sulphurous concoction of uric acid and water. The easiest, safest, some say quickest (except for the very most ‘better’ expensive creams) way to treat athlete’s foot is as follows:

In the morning, before you do anything else, you usually have a pee, right? No? Then you are severely dehydrated, probably sniffle a lot, suffer terrible headaches, and you probably feel tired all the time while never getting to fall asleep properly. Drink some fresh water before you go to bed, keep some at your bedside, and have a good swig as you wake up. That should change many things for the better, and allow you to treat your fungal infection which probably found you an easy target, being all sickly and un-energised through lack of water. Anyway, your first task of the day is to get your fresh urine onto your infected feet. In the shower it is easy to pretend you are not being disgusting by standing inside the waterfall while treating your foot just outside the curtain of falling water. Once your bladder is empty, wait a while for your foot to dry before you pull it under the water to wash.

Another, slightly more or less disgusting method, is to pee in a container, then soak your infection while it is still fresh. Use a flat pan large enough to fit your foot/feets, pour the pee over, let it soak for a minute, go wash your foot. NEVER WASH BODILY FLUIDS WITH HOT WATER! Cold water will rinse just about anything your body can produce. Just use cold water to rinse your feet after treatment, promise, it leaves no stains, smells or sensations, but it will clear even bad infections within a week or two. After washing your foot, cover the sores with Sourfig and let dry before putting on proper clean cotton socks and dry shoes. Avoid all moisture build-up on your feet, and foot-powder is a good investment if you are going to insist sharing wet bathroom floors with strangers…

Walking barefoot is always better than tying your feet up in nylon, plastic and suchlike airtight coffins that allows no breathing for you skin. Also, your friends with bare feet are not likely to infect you with foot-eating fungi under the pretence of sportsmanship.

Good luck, hope you are not too disgusted. Promise it works, though, and here’s a little aside: the younger the person donating the urine, the better it works. The urine of pre-pubescent boys are considered most desirable, while the first morning pee of a baby boy is commonly applied to sties and eye infections. The spittle of virgin girls is another health aid in this class, but that we will keep for some other day.


There is no warm-blooded animal on the Greenpets farm that dislikes honey. There is no substance, no matter how distasteful, that cannot be fed to an animal, provided it has enough honey in it, on it or around it. A dollop of honey at the bottom of a drinking bowl is motivation enough for a dog to slurp trough the bitterest medicinal tea, for is the treasure under there not worth the bit of goo I have to lick out of the way? Of course it is, it is pure, raw, unadulterated non-irradiated food of the gods, and I’m gonna get me some.

I tell you now about a reviled weed, infesting the lawns of the respectable garden-proud gardener who deserves respect for his lawn in his garden. Phooie, I tell you! I am here to extoll the virtues of a flower so wonderful, so magical, so magnificent and glorious, it survives despite the best efforts of the murderous chemical-strewing lawn-slavers of the garden elite. I tell you about Taraxacum Officionale. I tell you about the weed of the Lion's Teeth, I present to your mind's eye, (oh, sorry, there's a picture over there), the mighty, the great, the uncontested medicinal weed...


Dani took these just hours after she was given her first real camera. These have been severely underpixelated for quick and cheap loading on your browser, of course. It shows a common house fly in the ever-tightening grip of a sundew plant. Just to have some photos on the photographic page…

Here the fly gets trapped by the sticky juices

So, roundabout winter solstice, and I'm using the dry weather to lift my entire roof, to replace the rotten purlins. Winter on the Highveld does not make for comfortable picnicking on a tin roof, so phonecalls are not exactly appreciated. It's the wife, she must have urgent news. She has; there will be an eclipse today, can I please grab her camera and take some pics?  Yeah, right, that fancy toy of yours? But a  man has to try. I know how digital cameras work, technically, but I've never used a professional camera before. Better be safe, then. This is what I came up with:

We will get going on this page soon, there are more urgent needs, from an engineering point of view. For now, I need an article to publish, so I will give you an idea what to expect from MINIMILLSM.

The guy that can grind one bag of maize an hour for the cost of one meal, will soon be more important to human survival than the plant producing ten tons an hour using Frankenfood maize. We will supply you that small mill.

The guy that can weld iron in the mountain will always make a living, the engineers with salaries have contracts to fulfil. How do you weld with no electricity or fancy gas equipment? MINIMILLSM knows some tricks of import.

While the going's good though, we have technology at our fingertips, from analysing electronic circuitry to printing 3-D plastic objects to turning and forging and casting and interesting designs for off-grid machinery.

Most importantly, for someone who also thinks the world can be improved by a bit of cleverness, we help designers and inventors to realise their dreams by building mock-ups and prototypes. Sometimes it turns out the idea stinks to high heaven, but the cost of trying it was negligible compared to the temptation of trying to go into production straight away. Bad results can sometimes be more educational and informative than insipid successes.

We also know some of the big fish, in case you need the services of a manufacturer. You wanna play with sharks, we know some whales too.

Keep an eye on this space, especially if you are a home brewer or you keep small animals. Our first product lines will carry us on to the next level forever.

 Jenny looks at the orderly line of vibrating Styrofoam balls hovering just out of reach. She can see Jones from the corner of her eye, fervently adjusting parameters on his keyboard. The balls respond by changing formation, a bit like those acrobatic airplanes, only there are at least twenty, sometimes more balls flying in perfect synchronicity. Occasionally a number of balls would drop out of formation for no apparent reason, only for more balls to arise from the table, resulting in a different pattern to materialize as if out of nothing. These pattern changes could be subtle, almost indiscernible from the previous, or dramatically different. Jones keeps telling her something about sound waves, standing still in some locust or was that low keys but anyway there the balls all fall down and Jones is looking at her with a grin that says "was I a good dog ?"

“They say the Vedic Indians used this to move huge stone slabs to build their monumental temples and things.”

This seems to grab Jenny's attention. Anything that sounds like magic is cool to her, and thus far the only contribution she had was to stare at the magically suspended Styrofoam beads in silent wonder and slightly shocked trepidation. Grounding this experience in something she is familiar with, myths and fables, permits her wits to gather and rise above the mist of incomprehension. After a moment's hesitation, she brightens suddenly, turns to Jones with all the excitement of a puppy and all the guile of a kitten.

“So we can just float things? Like, we go stand outside a jewelry store and the diamond come floating out the widow?”

Jones promptly messes up any chance of romance by bursting out in patronizing laughter. ”No, no! We can only do it here, on this table, with these very light objects. We could set up the equipment on another table, but the time and effort involved make it easier to move this,”  and with this he sweeps his hands over an entire room full of electronic equipment, tool benches and  weird metal skeletons hung with rows upon rows of what looks like little speakers. To move this would be ridiculously difficult. Her mood falls in between the disappointment of not perpetrating the prefect crime and Jones' ridicule, and it feels like time to go, when she suddenly brightens:

“But you said the Indians moved huge rocks. I thought they made their totems of wood, and soil mounts, and…” Jones decides not to risk it, she’ll find out about the other kind of Indian some day.

“Yes, but that is just a theory. It will take years before we lift a marble, i guess. The power is not there to lift actual mass.”

“But these are tiny little speakers, why don't you use the things Pink Floyd has on stage?”

That would help very little.  The sound pressure needed to lift a marble is huge, it would be impossible to fit enough speakers in the required space. Besides, the bigger the speaker, the more difficult to generate the really high frequencies we need…”

“But the Indians...”

“Yes, so the theory goes, but just because this looks the same as the stories, does not mean it is the same. They could have used vastly different technology. In any case, the legend speaks of melodious sounds propelling the ancients, and as you can hear, this buzz ain’t no melody. Besides, most of the frequencies we use, are inaudible anyway, no music there, so I think comparing this to the Vedic myths is laughable.”

Jenny feels like she lost a dream before it even started.

“…And rocks are not magnetic anyway”, she concedes broken-heartedly.

“Neither is Styrofoam. The reason they work is because the air pressure needed to suspend so little weight with such large surface area, is easily attainable. Ping pong balls have been used, for example. Besides the fact of magnetic rocks, which do exist, the sheer bad aerodynamics of rocks make this approach useless, we think.”

“So it is not magnetics.”

“No, it is about the little quiet places created by the interference  between multiple sound waves.”

“You mean like two notes being tuned together, send they go www ww w wh who woo woooo...As they get closer to each other?”

“Exactly!” Jones is rejoiced to have an audience with a sprinkling of understanding. “We are creating a string of whoos in three dimensions, and the balls float inside small pockets of relatively still air while being buffeted in all directions by pulses of high pressure outside that bubble. By changing the frequency of one of the many sources we shift the position of that bubble of low pressure this way or that slightly. By changing many tones at once, we can totally destroy one pattern and instantly replace it with another.”

“So, no diamond rings, then.” Suddenly her face brightens with the brightness only a bright idea can bring. As quickly, her face falls. Jones just had to ask what that was.

“I was thinking one could use magnetic speakers and lift the ring that way, but I remembered that gold is not magnetic.”

Jones had to smile at her cleverness, you could take this one to mom. ..

“Actually, the same power problem exists. Generating magnetic fields fast enough and strong enough to lift significant mass, is hard”,  and with this he rubs his two fingers together in the universal  sign of low fiscal security. “Mostly, though, the frequencies are way up in the microwave range, you'd probably cook your rocky ring before you carry it  anywhere.”

“And gold is not magnetic anyway.” Jenny knows things, too.

“Oh, that's not a problem. When you subject any conductor to an electric field, it creates is own magnetic field, and vice versa,  from there electro magnetic. You can move lead with magnets, as long as it carries current.”

Jenny accepts this quietly, he can see her mind is ratcheting somewhere again. He likes that about her, that little ratchet that keeps adding mental gains into new questions. Her frown deepens a moment before she carefully articulates, as if she just learned something by herself.

“Has anyone tried this in water?”

Jones has thought about this: “To filter impurities with bubbles, like raining down to sediment or something?”

Jenny frowns slowly  “I was just thinking, if you do this in water, or oil, you could lift bigger things?”

Jones is only in his second year, and suddenly he does not feel like the clever scientist. Where is this chick going with this?

“And, and, if things float better in water, can you use metal or stone then?”

Jones is still wondering if someone had tried this. Out loud he mulls the question over.

“The problem still lies with the frequencies. I am pretty sure water under so much microwave radiation would just evaporate. Don't quote me, but i don't think flooding your jewelry store will help.”

“Yeah, i guess I'll die poor, nothing new there.” They giggle together for a moment, when Jenny suddenly gets serious again.

“Wait a minute. If we suspend our particles in oil, they would really float well, yes?” Jones nods agreement. Jenny thoughtfully continues

“Provided the particles are real small, we should be able to manipulate them with the right frequencies, whatever those might be, right?”

 Jones nods slowly, “I see, you want to filter oil, take out suspended particulates, yes? Always some money to be made from the oil guys...”

“I was thinking more of vaccines.” Jones had no answer, his brain paddling backwards to find the last relatable statement. He falls miserably, but Jenny just continues:

“You know the whole mercury scandal?” Jones looks blank.

“You know, all the kiddies dying or getting brain damage from mercury in the vaccines?” Jones sees a dim light winking from the chambers of his memory.

 “That was unproven nonsense…”

Jenny nods. “The mercury thing was sort of nonsense, but it turns out aluminium is the only constant in all those vaccines,  well very nearly all, like ninety nine percent, and iron and chrome, but a friend of mine who has worked in factories say those are probably the same metal shavings you find in breakfast cereal or bread. From the machines grinding and stirring ingredients.” Jones' imagination folks in the rest of the picture, and he is not hungry anymore.

“So there's aluminium shavings in the vaccines?” Jenny finds his lack of horror absolutely mystifying.

“Aluminium in the vaccines? Hallo? Why would you want to have that one metal in almost every vaccine? Nanoscopic little particles, neatly folded into little lumps of organic matter? All I'm wondering now, are they going to move the metal, or use the metal to move the ball of organic material?” Jones looks at her with no comprehension.

“Think about it, they are injecting us with these metallic contaminants, then they manipulate those metals inside or bodies, using electric magnets...” Jenny starts describing a horror-movie, where millions of metallic nanoparticulates gather together in his body, forming a thin little microscopic wire, that proceeds, under the manipulative effects of broadcast electromagnetics, starts slicing through tissue and veins and arteries, like a demon-possessed boomerang.


“Woah, wait a minute. That's crazy. First of all, the frequencies you’d need would be…” Jones does some quick mental arithmetic, “tens of millions of kilohertz, like fifty or hundred gigahertz, and you would need them to be really close, many of them,  it's just not possible.”

“What about cell phones?” Jenny spits. She hates the things…

“No, they operate at barely gigahertz frequencies, you would need more, like the stuff the police are using for their live body cams, TETRA I think they call it…” Jones' eyes glaze over for a second, then widen in disbelief. “...or the new 5G network, with transceivers on lamp posts every so many meters. ...and they are running deep into microwave, higher than anything we ever tested for safety. ...oh. ..my. ..god. ..”

Jenny looks at Jones with sympathy. When they met, she thought he had a good heart, if a bit too impressed with his own cleverness. She accepted his invitation to come see the "cool stuff at the lab" the way a girl accepts an invitation to admire a young gentleman's art collection, or extends a midnight offer of coffee. She was rather surprised when she actually ended up in an actual laboratory, fully dressed. Right now, however, Jones seems upset, as if in the initial realization of complete cognitive dissonance, that moment when you realize reality does not conform to the rules you are used to.

Jenny prepares for the inevitable hysterical outburst of the highly educated but emotionally invested when it encounters it's first cognitive discord. Educated people consider criticism of their specialty as a personal attack on their own integrity. Questioning science is apparently a sin to scientists, like conspiracy theory is to a media graduate. Both professions exist purely to question commonly held truths, but somehow that has been lost on the way to Truth. Jones surprises her by not freaking out, instead he walks up to her, and while he reaches to take her by the waist, he blurts:

“Young lady, it seems you and I have much to discuss. Shall we retire to my humble abode,” and Jones wiggles his eyebrows in a really unsexy way, “where I may entrainment you by showing you some pictures of etchings while I try to get you drunk on fairly good wine?” Jenny feels as light as an ultrasonic foam ball as Jones gently draws her in for a kiss.

March 2017, and it has been declared ‘ethical and legal’ to modify the DNA in a human “for the prevention of potentially fatal diseases”. In other words, you can, if you can afford it, order a custom-designed baby. My first reaction is to laugh at the Cape wine farmer breeding him a football star. It will start there for us plebs. The most interesting question I have to ask about that aspect of it is: If technology –and law- now allows a common businessman to clone himself a football star, how long has the ultra-rich been doing it, and how many clones of Hillary Clinton are there really?

Okay, that is just speculation supported by unquestionable public records, let us not go there, what I really want to know is this:

Are we going to breed Super Superior Sportsmen and Cannon fodder,

Or will they use it to make Football Fans and Federal Foot-soldiers?

Because we already have way too many of those.

Just sayin’…… And if they are Roundup-Ready, we can expect "organic" humans to be replaced within a few generations. Roundup is now so deep into the food chain, it is showing up in mothers' milk at levels far higher than those published as safe! So, we will die in pain, because the cancer medication has been proven a extremely efficient way to bankrupt record numbers of pensioners in recent years. So, first we spend all our money, plus credit, just to afford the poisoned food, then we spend all the credit we can scrounge on "health care", and in the end we die poor, in pain, and with nothing to leave the kids. If you had the money for one of those GMO kiddies, you would not understand how people cannot afford to look after themselves. Those are the ironies of today.

To understand how any medicine works, you have to understand how the human body works. To understand the human body, knowledge of ‘lesser’ anatomy is useful. This sounds simple enough, and explains why doctors have to study for so long, yes? As a matter of fact, a properly trained witchdoctor only graduates when the one who trained him dies. Some other types of doctors study three or four years, with another year or three of actual practical standing around in hospitals. Some doctors create their own universities and bestow upon themselves magnificent degrees in Nutritional Science, Climate Change Research, even what we shall call Industrial Homeopathy. The result is a huge number of different ways to look at the body, as many ways to interpret the internal system, and a growing number of ways to manipulate things inside the body. Most medical research today is concentrated on the only external organelle of the human: his wallet.

 So, before I can tell you herbs work, I must first understand your view of the body. In that sense, everyone else is probably wrong, might be causing harm, or, as in most cases, selling useless nostrums and placebos. The worst type placebo is the one that reaches your hand after years and millions spent on research. Not that it might be better or worse quality than comparable placebos, but because that research used up money that could have been spent on education. Or beer. Beer helps far more diseases than aspirin, or try a glass of good wine.

The Greenpets Triad of Hope:




Our first concern should be to clean up our poisoned landscape to protect our children. Only by living that philosophy is anyone likely to try hard at it. For us it could be too late, but we can minimise existing damage and limit further corruption of our living organism selves.

A licensed health practitioner would sell advice and nostrums on a page like this. We can't, but here are the things we use. If you find some reason to grow your own, or learn to make something, you may find a few useful bits of information here. Not well populated yet, we do more on our knees in the mud than we talk about it sitting down.

Dani and her Nikon looking at the world.

Purpose-built and innovative helpful structures

Somewhere in the Multiverse, our President is not just a corporate figurehead, and our politics do not revolve around the  decimation of humankind, and nobody gets wet dreams about enslaving our children. Occasionally, a scrap of information, a news item, a strange tale of honest policemen and politicians not for hire, sometimes we get to hear some news about elected officials working for the people that voted for them as well as those who did not, sometimes we hear tales of humanity and goodness. This is the page where we intend to collect them...

The principles of conforming the diet to the digestive characteristics of man, animal and plant alike.

Our animals, your animals and all the things that makes life better for animals.

Everything we know about Dragons that might be useful to someone else.

Not those weird feathered flu-taxis that grow to slaughter weight in four weeks. Real chickens, free chickens that came dear.

The ultimate bug-out vehicle. Off-road, in water, and it can love you back. Also, they fart less than any SUV.

What life tortoise about snailosauruses

Keeping, Feeding and Breeding Budgies in Gauteng

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Gardening without modern poisons is a challenge, and understanding the lifecycle of your enemies takes some observation. This blog will eventually catalogue our attempts at poison-free farming for Naturally RAW! food.

the GREENPETS attempt at avoiding, voiding and overcoming the poisoned food chain.

The list of herbs at Greenpets. Identification and Propagation or at least how to keep it alive in Gauteng.

Right or wrong, good or bad, we have to eat. Everyone has to eat, and we are what we eat. Commentary and suggestions on important nutritional news.

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